MS Office alternatives?

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  1. Guys i have just purchased a new computer system and was wondering if I need MS Office or could I use something else as good and not microsoft. I really only need word processer, a good spreadsheet and an email program that has a contact folder.

    Any ideas?

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    I am using the OpenOffice, but Google's way is definitely the future way.
  4. What do you mean by that?

  5. I tried google as an alternative.... Didnt taste too well. WHat happens if you are out of network range for a inute. what happens if your router drops your connection....

    Networks act up... I have had my network deny any port 80 conectsions but still allow me to run TWS. so.... I prefer a platform based solution, not a web based solution. Thinkfree gives me that without the MS overhead or BS. and I have Office 2007.
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    OpenOffice. Runs on several operating systems, it's open source, and it's backed by Sun Microsystems.
    And it does the job pretty well
  7. Well, I checked-in with them....and they are simply overwhelmed by the whole project, despite having an agreement with Microsoft.
    Look, Guys....Office is complex. Excel alone is UNBELIEVABLY possibly is the most complex piece of software ever developed when you consider it's programmability and object model. If you look at history, you'll find a guy named Jonathan Sachs, a gifted programmer with a photographic memory, who on his 5th attempt, created Lotus 1-2-3....the precursor to Excel.
    I would say OpenOffice is 2-3 YEARS away from cloning Excel satisfactorily. My estimate is that Excel 2003 edition is a compilation of 100+ man-years of effort.
    If someone on this group starts now, and is as talented as Sachs, you'll be dead before you finish the job.
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