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    No, I don't like those chat rooms at all. Too much of a hassle and I don't want them to interfere with my trading.
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    I said they would be as close to live as possible. My Short and Cover were posted within a minute of the trade and should be close enough.
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  3. They have ignore fact...

    you can even make your own free room in about a few seconds.

    Its easy...

    For example...

    here's your room on the will see your the only one in there :cool:

    You'll be in the room as can change that name via the simple command

    /nick <yournewname>

    without the above < >.

    Take care and enjoy your new room.

    P.S. You can change your room name every day or every minute if someone shows up and you want to be alone.

    Invite a few ET folks to watch you post your trades in live-realtime. :)

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    Thanks for that room, very cool.

    Still going to be about a minute delay from my trade, But I think I get your point, you would prefer this trading info not be available to the general public. I only planned on doing it until I found it was Profitable or not.
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  5. Huh...

    It is available for all to see via live-realtime chat.

    Your the one that said you don't like such rooms :cool:

    reason why I then suggested you make your own room.

    The trading info you have posted so far is done by many traders every trading day in public and private rooms...

    via many free software programs that make trade logs of your real money or realtime simulator trades.

    Also...most of those traders feel exactly the way you do (including me) that many of those live-realtime trading rooms are a distraction via all the noise from the other room users.

    You can simply make a few adjustments to your mIRC screen, use a few ignore commands...

    guess'll have a live-realtime trade log you can copy and paste to send to any snail-mail message board in a minute or two...

    and you will barely notice there are other traders in the same room. some of the other journals and you may understand more better where I'm going with this and why I have been so persistent.

    If you really want to get can use a Screencam Recorder and record all live action on your computer screen like those made by Lotus or Camtasia (TechSmith).

    This is what I do every trading day and is an excellent analysis tool for later review of your own trading methods or habits.

    I don't share it with anybody except for a few trusted trading pals I personally know.

    Simply, its an excellent private educational tool that I think every trader that wants to succeed or improve profits...

    should be doing.

    P.S. You will need a large harddrive.

    Take care and have a Merry Christman and a nice weekend.

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    Please clarify, I want to know if I'm correct. You can speak plainly with me, because I'm reading in between the lines and trying to figure out your point. Because what you said makes no sense, if I post in a chat room there will still be a 1 minute delay. I don't see the beneifit here. Besides not sharing this with the public.
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    Well, I think I'll discontinue live trading posts here unless I get some positive feedback. Not sure if I should be doing this.
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  8. Ok...

    you caught me for one last post for today.

    Hopefully you can understand my point via this...

    You posted a trade...

    12-20-02 02:04 PM

    Sold at 25.31

    Went Short at 25.28

    You posted no time of entry.

    Now...according to a live-realtime delay of 1 minute is the same as posting at a snail-mail message board?

    Therefore...are you saying your above Short entry @ 25.28 occurred at least at 2:03pm based on your post time above at 2:04pm ?

    If you posted more than that 1 minute delay...than its obvious that a live-realtime trade posting room is much faster because...

    (I'm assuming your always log into ET)...

    you still need to click ET's "Post a Reply" -----> fill in the Subject line -----> fill in the actual message ----->

    I think you should get my point by now that posting to a live-realtime trade posting room is a lot faster and easier than posting to a snail-mail discussion forum.

    Note: One of the other Trade Journal posters that had posted end-of-day results had also posted the same trades in a live-realtime trade posting room under another user name.

    He also used a Camtasia screen recorder to capture live action in his trading account (I once had the opportunity to see a copy of one recording).

    I'm outta here now...take care...Merry Christmas.

    P.S. Maybe you think I'm saying there is NO DELAY in a live-realtime chat room. I am not...there is a delay...just not as much as a snail-mail message board because of all the extra clicks involved.

    Bonne soiree.

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  9. the point is those interested will be logged in and watch you trade in real-time. what's so hard to understand? :-/
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  10. THE GUY DOES NOT WANT TO POST IN A CHAT ROOM!!! Cant say that I blame him. I dont think a one minute or even a couple of minutes delay is going to nullify the results one way or the other.
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