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    I've looked through many Journals and they've been very interesting and most look to be very honest in their results. Here I'll try to post Intraday trade as close to live as possible so there is no doubt. I'll be trading the QQQ using an updated uncirculated program, so I won't be able to add too much TA. Basically when it says Buy I will Buy. I'll be trading no more than 4x of Portfolio using 100% of Portfolio allocated to Intraday so no more than 4 round trips per day.

    50% of my Portfolio is long term (More than 1 day) and I have done very well.

    Starting 50% in Intraday Trading and I'm not sure how well it will do, but I'm cautiously confident. If it doesn't work out I'll go back to my long term investing.

    Planning on doing this for at least a month unless they start going against me.
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    First trade holding a buy today at 25.24, not exactly live but that's where I am currently.
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    Sold at 25.31

    Went Short at 25.28
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    By the way, the clock here at Elite is 5 hours off. It's currently 2:03 PM
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    Actually 5 hours and 3 minutes ahead. Mine is adjusted to the Atomic Clock.
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    Closed position for the day. Cover at 25.19
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    Intraday Results so far

    Gains= 2
    Success rate= 100%

    Today's Profit Percent= +0.605%

    Total Profit Percent= +0.605%
  8. Why not post your intraday trades on mIRC Othernet or FinancialChat in one of the many many FREE live-realtime trade posting rooms?

    Try EliteTraders own live chat room

    Try #Pitstock or #DayTraders on Othernet

    Then copy the trade log...copy the parts where you posted to the room your trades as they occur as other traders commonly do in those rooms...

    then paste it here?

    I am sure it will make your Trade Journal a lot more interesting to read :cool:

    Also, if you do that...there will be an automatic Timestamp based on your computer clock. Thus, you won't have to worry about what ET clock saids.

    Note: I have only been in ET's chat room once...didn't stay long either. Thus, I don't know if it can do what you need to be done via your trade journal.

    If that's not good enough...then you may as well post End-of-Day results like almost everybody else.

    In fact...2 of the end-of-day trade journals I occassionaly read...packs a wealth of info for analysis and getting a glimpse into what other traders see.

    P.S. Trying to post live trades in a snail-mail message board instead of in a free live-realtime chat room is a little odd.

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    I just thought people would appreciate it live here rather than after the fact. I'll look into those.
  10. I think your confused...

    posting live trades at a snail-mail message board is a lot more "after the fact" than posting your trades as they occur at a live-realtime chat room like the one ET has and like those on mIRC Othernet or FinancialChat.

    For example...the trades you posted already much of a time delay was it after you actually enter your trade and then posted it here?

    I'm just curious.

    Look at the timestamp on this message post to you and now compare it to your own computer clock...

    how many minutes has gone by?

    If you post the same trade at a live-realtime chat room...if you type should be able to post that same trade in less than 30 seconds.


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