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  1. billgasp

    billgasp has an excellent track record, but their affialte optionxpress will not confirm it.

    Has anyone used him before?

    He does not have a number to call, but if his track record is correct, I will just place my money in optionxpress and let my trades go through their autmated system.

    Any opions on this guy would be greatly appreciated.

    Link I am talking about:
  2. Minime


    He has a good methodology but I've never subscribed to his site or used his exact method. If someone is struggling in swing trading, he definately has a good basic strategy to use.
  3. tjrz


    How do advisors using auto execute programs w/ brokerages get around the "No Statement should be construed as a recommendation to purchase or sell a security or provide investment advice." clause.

    Isn't the registration/regulation different if they are giving advice?

    Just curious.
  4. The claims of their track record are pretty wild

    Has anyone here ever tried it?
  5. billgasp


    not sure, but I will just let my account be auto traded if that is the case!
  6. Be careful with this autotrading. Another alert service I have used last week issued a warning about Optionexpress(which I don't use) and problems with their autotrading. If you are a OE user and are under autotrading with them it might be good to quiz them a little about this problem.:)
  7. If I recall accurately, Larry Swing uses the Pristine Setup, ie., the 3-5 bar pullback method discussed in the book The Master Swing Trader by Oliver Velez. It is very straightforward. I don't know anything about the options part.