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Discussion in 'Politics' started by MrSubs' Mom, Aug 16, 2002.

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  1. Hi All,

    I have been greatly distressed to see the humiliation my wonderful boy has endured here.

    He is really a good boy, and I find absolutely no humor whatsoever in the ridicule he has been subjected to here.

    First of all, it is important that everyone here understands that he has been unjustly incarcerated for something so silly as to defy any reasonable excuse for the kind of punishment meeted out to him.

    None of what he did was his fault. He fell in with a bad bunch, as boys often do. He was not in his right mind at the time due to certain pollutants in his bloodstream. However I am not defending him on this basis at all. Youthful over exuberance is not to be unexpected in a fine young man like my boy. These things are just a part of life. A right of passage so to speak.

    Besides, who gives the states the right to legislate morality anyway?

    So please, go easy on the young man. No one knows him like I do, and to me, he will always be that sweet (if somewhat odd looking) little cherub I used to rock in my well developed arms.

    Mrs Subliminal
  2. rs7


    Dear Mrs Subliminal,

    In defense of the Elite Traders everywhere, let me inform you that no one here has subjected your son to even a small fraction of the humiliation and ridicule he deserves.

    Now I consider your son a friend. I think he is bright and very funny. And I understand it must be hard for you to endure the separation you are suffering with him in the joint.

    But please rest assured that we, his fellow ETers have only his best interests at heart. I myself have passed to him (via his lovely significant other Eva on visiting days) some sundries for his protection from his big nasty cell mate. I even made sure to get the ones with extra lubrication. So as you can see, we really do care for his welfare. Each and every one of us. OK, maybe not every one, but a lot. Definitely one or two others besides me. I think.

    Anyways, it is nice to make your acquaintance finally. I have heard so much about you, and it really is a thrill to finally hear from you in such a personal manner. Your son has shown me your picture, and I noticed the resemblance right away. His beard isn't as heavy maybe, but still, I can see where he gets his looks.

    So in conclusion, please rest assured you son is being well treated here. The moderators have gone out of their way to assure he has special computer access privileges. Baron himself is very close with the warden, so that helps a lot. As a matter of fact, if it were not for Baron having done his time in the very same institution, your boy would probably not be enjoying the great treatment he has received thus far. So if not for ET, his life would be infinitely worse.

    Well I thankfully enjoy greater freedom where I am, but not unlimited. So I have to go now because the nurses just came into my room, and it is time for my meds. But please rest assured that we are all for one and one for all. And when I get out of this place, I will tell my dad to give your boy a Presidential Pardon. So don't worry, everything will be fine!

    Peace Mom!!!

    RS7 aka Menace aka Sgt. Pepper. But in truth, George W. Bush II.
    (not an alias)
  3. smokey_mcPaat

    smokey_mcPaat Guest

    hahahahahha his mommy came on here to defend him- what a little bitch- thats so weak- but i'll take you mommy- bring it :D :D
  4. Cesko


    This is weird. I would like to call my mom to defend me but she doesn't speak any English.:mad:
  5. marcD



    MORE, MORE, MORE!!!!

  6. Please be careful. Mrs subliminal has told us she has well developed arms. It is rumored she used to be a bare knuckle fighter back in the 1800's. Many a toothless trader walking around today are testimonials to her boxing prowess. Choose friendship my friend!
  7. rs7


    Very good advice. She looks more than tough enough still in the photo I saw. I am not sure of the date it was taken, but you could be right about the time frame. MrSubliminal is kinda ageless of those rare people where you can only estimate his age as somewhere between early 20's and late 80's. He won't tell.

    His mom has a certain "Mr. T" kind of look going on. Maybe it was just the gold chains, and the facial hair, but I'll tell you flat out; NO WAY I would tangle with her!!! (If they ever let me out of this place).

  8. Are you referring to the balloon-like items made of latex?
    How are they supposed to protect our friend Mr subliminal?
    Perhaps he can fill them with nickles and quarters and bang his cell mate over the head every time 'bubba' becomes overly frisky.
    Perhaps we should send Mr Subliminal a package to bribe his way through those trying times. On the other hand, he may look forward to those "cell mate appreciation sessions".
  9. rs7



    MrSubliminal is a very resourceful guy. He will find a use for what I have had delivered to him.

    What I did not tell his mother is that the lubrication is really the transdermal delivery system Macroflux® (from Alza corporation, now a part of Johnson and Johnson, one of my recommended Dow components) laced with a heavy dose of lysergic acid diethylamide-25 secreted away for many years (courtesy of Sandoz Labs of a part of Novartis, a tough trading ADR). This combined with Fentanyl citrate (Sublimaze) courtesy of a street dealer I have the honor of knowing (but I have shorted him heavily with a bookmaker I know) should pack quite a wallop.

    Used properly MrSubiminal will literally "touch" his way to freedom by giving a hearty handshake here, a pat on the back there, etc. to the screws he encounters during his daily routines. I expect him to find his way out very soon.

  10. dr_ma


    Wow you really know your history on that LSD. Albert Hoffman would be proud.
    #10     Aug 16, 2002
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