MRSA in livestock acquired drug resistance on the farm, now infects humans

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    Like we couldn't see that coming for decades... America is the land of the free.. people are free to be unregulated and do any stupid thing forever.. It's a great place to be a psychopath essentially.

    edit: I googled "MRSA colloidal silver" and got the following article:

    I don't go to doctors for anything. A couple of tablespoons of colloidal silver in my drinking water jug every day seems to keep me healthy. I bought a nebulizer and found that i can cure a lung infection in a couple of days by breathing the stuff... it wasn't always easy to manufacture it in a safe form but a constant current generator can do it. The safest form of a constant current generator is a dc voltage source and a large value resisitor really, more complex ones designed around a voltage regulator chip could fail and generate colloidal silver with large particles and that can be bad for the patient... I can't stand the medical profession. I want their best efforts if I get a serious injury but with regard to quality of life and longevity it's best to stay away from them..