Mrs. Field's Files for Chapter 11

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  1. Expect many more corporate bankruptcies in the months to follow - just as James Quinn (among others) has been warning.

    That's how the cookie crumbles!

  2. I just ate one of my monitors.
  3. You mean the economy has run short of suckers willing to pay $5 for a cookie?

    Who'd a thunk...
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    You are right, you can get a whole pound of soft batch chips ahoys for about $2.50...

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    Mrs. Fields is plagued with $200 million in debt, a slowing economy where consumers have cut back on discretionary purchases and record-high dairy and ingredient prices.
  6. There are MANY companies straining under the exact same set of problems.
  7. :D:D

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    Isn't TCBY Yogurt owned by Mrs. Fields? So now we have no Steak & Ale, Ryan's Steakhouse, Bennigan's, or TCBY?? WTF!! Am I going to have to learn how to cook??
  9. As long as Cinnabon and Dunkin' Donuts make it, America will survive.
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    Dunkin donuts are opening up on nearly every corner....
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