MrMarket's absence explained

Discussion in 'Politics' started by AAAintheBeltway, Jul 17, 2003.

  1. "Why trade like a monkey when you can invest like a gorilla?"

  2. Thats the explanation???? :confused:
  3. Mr Market's absence is explained by the fact that he is on his way to fight Saddam's Evil Doers...

  4. I have a question for you to answer logicaly as per
    your Islamic belife:

    If you go to any mullas (your type of leaders),
    and explain to them what kind of Business "Trading" is?
    and he will definitly tells you it's "Haram" (forbidden).
    I guess you know better than me what type of reasons
    will be given to you.

    If so, then what are you doing in this forum?
  5. Looks like they deleted that loser Mo's post... good riddance I tell ya... we all love mrmarket here...

  6. learn to post pics..
  7. Whassup Bro, I thought I did...
  8. It was the threats to kill mrmarket that killed your post. That's an immediate no no. Had to be done.


    PS - it must be terrible for you though, because so many Iraqi men have moustaches. But I hope you're having a great trading day!!!

  9. .....and so many Iraqi women as well:D
    #10     Jul 17, 2003