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    mREITS have been crushed lately due to QE3 and increased prepayment risk. Would it be advisable to sell any positions in these stocks right here, or hold for a bounce?
  2. doobs, i have a lot of them too..sold c calls got them taken, resold atm puts and now i see i'm getting crushed too. we know how this can go on longer than we think..but i'm holding. no one really knows the answer..
  3. I posted about this last week (see NLY thread) because of some unusual trading activity, only to be questioned. There has been steady sell pressure in this sector for several days now.

    This article seems to suggest that their share prices tend to gravitate to book value, so maybe this will help you:
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    Yeah I saw that article and thread. I really don't want to be in that sector right now.