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    Has anyone been watching this guy lately?

    I receive his free monthly newsletter from his site and his calls on the Nasdaq have been pretty dead on. He's picked the bottom and tops for the last 24 months with uncanny accuracy.

    If anyone has any experience with his service, can you care to comment?
  2. Have you tried looking in the mirror.
  3. First Buzzy says:
    <i>OnBuzzStreet is an unbiased information service. This means we do not own any stocks we recommended</i>

    But then:
    <i>Many of these strategies and tactics we use in our own position trading. </i>

  4. FastStoch


    MrBuzz's market calls have been pretty good since the Nasdaq bubble burst.

    I don't represent the guy nor have any association with him. I appreciate his calls and the time he puts into the website and newsletter - they have helped me get a sense of market direction at crucial junctures.

    He's one of the few technicians who get straight straight to the point and doesn't give wishy washy verbage like most newsletters do.
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    I've watched MrBuzz trade since 1998....he is a very smart trader with a great understanding of the market and he knows so much about charts! In my opinion he's just a great guy who also knows an awful lot about stocks, the market, the economy and the way they all move.:)
  6. dudes, dudes, dudes: gurus...are...a....waste...of....time.

    if you aren't coming up with the plays yourself, you should not be doing the trading either. seriously.
  7. But but, but... darkhorse, Nana said MrBuzzy was a great guy and EVERYONE knows Nana wouldn't lie. You do trust your Nana don't you darkhorse?
  8. <i>You do trust your Nana don't you?</i>

    Well of course! How could one not trust a poster with all of one post under the belt! It is just so rare to get guru testimonials from users who have registered the same day. I mean, if you can't trust random unknown people on the internet, then who can you trust?

    Of course Buzzy dude says "we don't trade" and then on another page he says "these methods are based upon our own trading" but hey, everyone should just fork over their money anyway. I mean, an internet stock-picking guru being a fraud? I have just never heard of such a thing.


  9. The dilemma: to trust Nana or not trust Nana....hmmm....

    I know! I'll call Miss Cleo!
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