Mr. Volente

Discussion in 'Trading' started by jackbyrd, May 19, 2006.

Will Mr. Volente Start Another "This is the Bottom Poll"?

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  1. Will Mr. Volente start another "This is the bottom poll this weekend"?

    Has there ever been a down day in history where he wasnt a buyer?
  2. thorn


    I would give my left nut if this bozo would ever include a 3rd choice in his poll that says "please get lost: you're embarrassing yourself"
  3. thorn


    He's not even a trader. He's a person to laugh at. He swore that the s&p wouldn't go below 1300, and magically, 40 pts later, he profited. Incredibly, with each bad call, he makes a profit.

    Remember when he posted the excel spreadsheet that said he made 5 figures in a day? Then he tells us a few weeks later that he only trades for 2 es pts a day. You got to him.
  4. Indeed, you are correct Mr. Thorn, this man is a menace. Who could trust a man who picks the bottom each day and yet later comes back and changes the rules of the game.

    I guarantee he would welch on any bet a fellow gentleman had to offer.