Mr. Vanilla

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  1. More proof that the only people who have a problem with Obama being black are the progressive wackos on the left.

    Liberal Talkers Unglued: Ed Schultz Sneers Obama's 'Mr. Vanilla,' Mike Malloy Wants Him to Refuse to Run Again
    By Tim Graham | November 07, 2010 | 07:49

    As anyone should expect, liberal talk-radio hosts were not happy with the election returns, but they turned their anger on President Obama for his perfunctory pledges to work together with Republicans in the next two years. On Wednesday afternoon, Ed Schultz attacked him as “Mister Vanilla”:
    Schultz doesn't seem to have enough of a grasp of modern history to recall that President Carter couldn't even work with congressional Democrats, which is why he faced a primary challenge from Ted Kennedy in 1980. Schultz seems worried that Obama will be so agreeable he won't be re-electable:
    A caller to Schultz's show agreed, claiming he was a Republican and knew the GOP wanted to destroy Social Security:
    I wonder if this “Republican” shares this opinion at local party gatherings.

    Schultz wasn't half as unglued as radio host Mike Malloy on Wednesday night, who claimed Obama should declare (a la Lyndon Johnson in 1968) that he's not running for re-election because it would force him to be nice to Republicans:
    Malloy wanted the Two-Year Truth tour against apparently Obama-hating Chris Matthews and the rest of Washington to begin immediately: “Take this lame-duck session after you make your announcement, and jam everything home that you possibly can....they are not going to re-elect you, they are not going to respect you..they are not going to work with you....for Christ's sake! Stop pretending that they will! Stop begging! Be a man! Stand up! You are dealing with midgets, racists, and pigs. Why -why are you getting down to their level after they kicked your ass? Even now, after they kicked your ass? For two years! Fight back, Mr. President, the only way you can. KILL THEM! KILL THEM!"

    Apparently, Republicans want to kill Obama: "And you talking about, oh, you're sure that you can sit down with BONER? With Mitch McConnell? And find common ground? I'll tell you where they consider common ground for the Hudson River with cement tied to your feet! That's where they consider common ground!"