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  1. We have the ability to make Elite Trader better to insert some form of accountability among ourselves. I am well familiar of course with BQI and won't waste the time with the oil sands spiel. This has just been one of those bugaboo stocks for me I've owned it twice over the years and never made a cent it looked so good and yet it traded soooo bad. Instantly overnight 80 cent gains wiped away it played a long and frustrating game with me in the high $3's $3.80 etc. Usually turned away at $4.10 or so... and now indeed it's caught my eye in a big way again. I just can't help myself!. And in fact it's UP today somehow.. I'm considering doing something rash to save my trading account like taking a big position in this BQI...

    On 5/2 Michael you rightly recommended this play at $3.00. It proceeded to promptly fade to $2.50 and reached what I like to call an IHateMichaelScott PUke low and the trouble is it's been STRAIGHT UP THE LAST MONTH and no one has revisited the idea. There it languishes on page 44 or something of the longshot thread... perhaps it should be the long tooth thread.

    Since I like this name it would have been nice if it had been highlighted separately or at the very least brought up again when it went from $2.50 to near $5 where it is now! Take a look at that chart evil man and see the greater bowl I speak of. What's different THIS TIME I BELIEVE is for once it's not moving intuitively with the price of oil. It costs a boatload to turn this sludge into oil and so the stock used to only perform well in times of rising oil prices... now oil looks weak and yet she's still going up...

    You can treat this stock as a mining play in the sense that they file forms estimating how much oil in beneath their shale or sand... it's all interesting to a large player when you factor in the land they own BQI would be an appetizing land purchase especially for the Chinese...

    It's just been festering a urge about this name. Please anyone with any thoughts help a stonedinvestor out!
  2. Hey Stoney,

    I have tracked this as well over the past year. Can you believe I had this at $2.70?!I made a big play on it and it dropped and I got out with a small gain.

    It found its way above $3 again a couple a months ago and took off again. This is the 3rd time it has hit the 5's again. Look what happened the last two times at this level?

    IMHO, it will come back down man. Very manipulated stock. It reminds me of a KRY. I missed the run and staying far way. Good luck if you decide to chase it at these levels.
  3. Pump I know I'm a LOSER here This stock is so the bad stock I know it in my heart I know it but look at that gap down this morning and the valiant fight back all day that's why I just put it in my wife's IRA.~ :eek:
  4. Nice close on it at the top of session above $5. Now it's the test if it can hold $5 or above for an extended period of tim. Good luck with it.
  5. here's a hint.

    the time to buy BQI was over a $1 ago

    people who chase highs often lose... duh

    nobody wanted it $1 ago

    BQI is also heavily leveraged to crude prices.

    crude is pretty high right now

    i have sold almost all my BQI

    could it go up? absolutely. but it's about risk/reward and trade management
  6. Talk about whistling in the wind No body wanted this stock at $4 did you read the freakin thread?> I've been on this loser on and off for four freakin years. I don't usually allow myself to get worked up but your comment about leverage to crude and crude is high makes no sense. What to dig a road? They are inversely leveraged to crude > when crude is very high people want oil sands when crude is low people usually don't. Your implication that high oil prices hurt this co is far off. Oil is down big lately the stock is continuing up it's a " tell " you are foolish to sell for a measly $1.

    Here's the hope I want them bought out Monday by Sunoco. Ok it's a freakin grasp I have a chart behind me and I'm taking an loss in a freakin copper mine and rolling it into this. I have no care in the world that you are selling most shortsighted people would with $8 out there. Why would you even reply without taking the time to digest the facts as presented is beyond me. I know it wasn't a damn perfect buy. But finding good set ups in the $5 range is not easy now amigo. It was also my best damn daytrade today along with Integ Device so lay off the stoned one I'm very bristled up having had companies blow out their number guide in line and be down quite a a large amount.

    PS If you come to my " Stoned Cosy Supper " which I'm planning later this year in NY for certain ET'ers that opening line of " here's a hint "will get you a humiliating public slap down. Stoney played football and is still 215 and all he does is watch submission holds on MMA.
  7. Okay, pure crap this stock is. Can't believe it is back to almost $6.50. It has been manipulated back up again.

    It did have it's dip below $5 and found traction again.

    Is this gonna cool off? Continue to rise?

    Pure Canadian pump and dump garbage is my call. Any opinions on this long or short?
  8. Are we talking about CWPC.ob again.....((((((Original purchase at .27c)))).....Well you had to guess that money would come back to BQI again with oil in the 90's......I'm long currently, but I wish I was long more than I got.....My most recent thought would have to be the "hope" that maybe the new congress/(President 08) may spend as much money helping companies develop oil sand operations as they spent in the recent agriculture bill.....Most realist understand that alternative energy is so far away from causing any real impact on current energy demands and future demand growth of petroleum based products, that oil sands may just be the time buffer this world will need during any real transition to another energy source.....All the while the same Fat Cats get rich for a few more years selling the same combustion engines getting 15 mpg to the unknowing public......The energy problem will still persist and leak into the global economy regardless of where the price of oil is.......Think about how many cars are manufactured every day and financed to any bidder around the world....India, China and the rest of the world....What I'm saying is simple econ 101....demand "WILL" exceed supply....When?

    Good question?

    SU (Suncor)a much better play for oil/oil sands.....$$$$$$$......After all that!!!!

  9. What did CWPC (BQI) look like last time it hit this level on increased volume.....

    a 10 day chart
  10. $COST nice to run into you again!

    Oil near a top is problematic for oilsands plays but I think we hang on- a SEC ruling could really help- > the SEC does not have a provision for oil companies to include their oilsands resources in their reserve figures. As such, oil companies are given a disincentive to acquire more oilsands assets or form oilsands joint ventures. However, the SEC has been discussing the issue and many believe that, over the near-term, oilsands reserves will be allowed into the calculation of reserves. That will likely increase interest in oilsands companies and assets and spur M&A activity in the space.

    I will check out your name & chart now- I assume it's in the same space.

    peace~ stoney
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