Mr. President, the time has come

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  1. While it is amusing to see the long faces on MSNBC, it's time to be serious. What we have witnessed is an astounding rejection of radical left policies. Not the Dem party, not even liberals, it is the radical left which was told in no uncertain terms today...get out, and stay out. It is the Pelosi's, the Reids, The Franks, Olbermans and Maddows which have been rejected.
    The question is, will President Obama take this opportunity which has been given him to finally, once and for all, tell the radical left to get the hell out? Will he show the leadership required to pull this country together, or will he continue to let a small, but loud crowd of lunatics further divide the nation? He has a unique moment in time to represent the majority which includes Dems and Repubs, Independents and moderates of all stripes.
    If he and his team defy the will of the people, they do so at the peril of the Dem party. Any shady tactics, game playing and dirty tricks will be met with a nation of people so completely disgusted with them that it is not inconceivable to see the Repubs having 65-70 in the Senate and 300+ in the House. Think it can't happen? Today has shown anything can happen when the people have had enough. Step up Mr. President, and lead this nation as one, or watch your party, your administration, your legacy go down in flames.
  2. A good place to start would be the worthless Cabinet he is saddled with. Seriously, have we ever seen a bigger collection of losers?
  3. Mr. Obama is a hardcore socialist idealist, he will "double down" on a losing bet, because for him, it is about the socialist agenda, not the will of the people.

    The interesting part will be how many of the moderate / conservative democrats will walk the plank for this radical.
  4. So 2006 and 2008 wasn't a rejection of the republican party?

    Oy vey, you are obviously a drama queen about this whole thing...

    In the big scheme of things, this particular election is as meaningless as any other election.

    Republicans apparently didn't get the message in 2006 and 2008 at how fickle the electorate can be, and the dems are not likely to get the message either...

    Meet the new boss, same as the old boss...

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    Such the eloquent, libertard way of attempting damage control! lol What happened in MA was monumental, and must have Teddy Kennedy falling of the big barstool in the sky. There hasn't been a Republican Senator in MA since 1972!!! This MA senate election is a direct reflection on the liberal, radical ways of Obama. He promised to govern from the center, but everything he's done has been to the far left. He promised to have the health care debate open to the public, and put it on CSPAN, but what happened? The bills are written by Democrats while there locked in the basement of the white house. They completely exclude the Republicans, and think they could get all the glory and rewards by doing so. Well guess what??? It just completely blew up in their faces!!! Now watch the Democrats run like the degenerate, big spending liberal rats they are. Let's see if they wish to continue holding those closed door meetings in the white house basement tomorrow. LOL!!! :D
  6. You really don't get it at all, do you?

    You primitively think that the pols of one party or another will not continue to be slaves of corporate America?

    Please carefully review the past 4 decades of politics in America and wise up...

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    Nice try to spin this all off on corporate America. Is that something Chris Matthews said after the poll numbers came in for Brown? lol You need to go lie down, or move to Europe. lol :D
  8. Did God tell you to say that?

  9. As expected, radical leftists are saying that President Obama isn't crazy enough to meet their demands. During the next few months we'll see if the President follows the lead of the goose stepping radicals in the Dem party, or if he has the politcal savy to know which way the wind is blowing. By mid-summer we will know beyond any doubt whether Presiedent Obama is simply a liberal democrat, which is fine, or if he is the radical left marxist that many fear he might be. The choices he makes are critical to the people being able to determine just where he stands. The wrong choices will mean he has to go and he'll be a one termer.
  10. Radical Marxist leftists don't bail out banks, don't fund wars in the middle east, etc, etc, etc.

    The "many that fear he might be" are just a different flavor of extremism and project their own madness onto someone who is nothing but a political animal who is more middle of the road than anything.

    If the economy were pumping out jobs and fake prosperity the way it did for decades, this particular drama queen below would not exist...

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