Mr. President says the federal reserve caused the stock market "correction"

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    I'm laughing so hard, this is absolutely too funny to even read, really, a correction? If this feels like a correction, wow do I feel sorry for this market and every pathetic fool who thinks this is a correction!!! This isn't a correction, I really want to know what's going to happen when the big mean bear visits wallstreet and stocks lose half their value! If a 5% blip in stocks is causing panic and chaos on wallstreet then anything more should feel like a great depression x infinity!

    And if he fires powell you better believe the market would fall an even quicker 5%%!!!

    Trump says the Federal Reserve caused the stock market correction, but he won't fire Chair Powell

    • President Donald Trump continued to attack the Federal Reserve on Thursday, criticizing Chairman Jerome Powell as being too stringent with monetary policy.
    • He blamed the Fed for causing a massive drop in stocks this week.
    • Despite the criticism, Trump says he will not fire Powell.
  2. Political theater.

    Might be worth a laugh if not so pathetic.
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  3. zdreg


    when the market is going up the President says it is my actions.
    when the market goes down the President says it is the actions of the Fed

    " heads I win tails you lose."
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    And this man is the President of the United States???? ROFLMAO.

    Trump and dumb sound almost the same...
    Trump sounds dumber to me...
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  5. Wonder what he will say at 70 vix
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    He will think it is Vicks... and confirm that he knows what Vicks is.
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  7. Drumpf should have that put on his headstone.

    He's a weiner.
  8. To be fair, Obama had years of zero interest rates and many rounds of QE going for him. That was unprecedented--no other president has had such a favorable Fed. If Obama weren't such an economic dunce, we'd have seen an even bigger rally in his 8 years.
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  9. True years of ZIRP and Tarp and QE's out the wazoo but Obama also inherited the collapsed housing market and recession.

    Drumpf inherited a rising economy which up till this point has continued to rise. Let's see what happens as the free money dries up and Twitter Tantrums continue and trade disputes boil over and over.

    But The Fed, and not either President, should get all the "credit" though with the free money policy.
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  10. Trump inherited a "rising" economy built on a house of cards. With the change in mark-to-market accounting (which coincided with the 2009 bottom), massive bailouts, years of ZIRP, stimulus and QE, there's no way the market could go down in the Obama years.
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