Mr Mortgage May CA Housing Report

Discussion in 'Economics' started by Mr Pain, Jun 19, 2008.

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    CA is not the country, that said I like his videos. hes just seems a bit too biased
  3. There are always those who jump in too early and later regret... could be the case now.

    A few years back, a neighbor of mine put an addition on his house.. he said the cost of materials and labor came to about $80/sq foot.. and he felt great that the finished value was more like $300/sq foot.

    (1) If that's the case, we should have all quit our jobs and become general contractors.

    (2) RE could fall to be much less than 50% of zenith prices... which they did in Japan.
  4. That's because he committed to a career and got fucked over. It makes you a bit bitter. Believe me.
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    completely agree with the appraiser

    Although, if i was the appraiser, personally i would have just pulled an appraisal out of the air and called it an early day.

    I mean cmon, home appraisal, what a subjective load of BS.

    peak in a window, if the house isnt trashed, then make up a price that is comparable to last house with same SQFT that sold in same neighborhood within last few weeks.

    then go have a beer.