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  1. I can't resist!!!! I got this message in an old e-mail i have....3 years later, he is proud of his 4 year record of 18%!

    Today I sold PTSI at 29.35. That’s an 18% gain over my purchase price
    of 24.84. Now some of you skeptics might think that an 18% gain in the
    4 years that I patiently held this stock is not really too terrific.
    But you must look at the facts. Over the same holding period, the S&P
    500 was only up 15.6%. That’s right. I beat the market again.

    I’m going to miss PTSI, it was the oldest holding in my trading
    portfolio. I am particularly proud of this trade because it was down quite a
    bit during the time I held it and many “experts” on Elite Trader, IBD
    forum and elsewhere claimed that I was a fool for holding it. Let’s see
    if I can Google up some of these quotations.

    Ahhh…here’s one from Elite Trader:


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    Mr Market --

    After having read through your stock picking model, one question sticks
    out. You clearly state in your model to "Buy this stock. In a typical
    bull market, the stock will, on average, achieve a 15% gain within 4 to
    6 weeks. Sell the stock and repeat the process." And yet, in your "open
    positions" table you list six stocks (PTSI, ACMR, FRED, AXL, OHB, and
    CHKE) that have an average loss of 15.8% and that you've held for over a

    By holding those positions for so long you're going against your model,
    tying up capital, and potentially compounding unrealized losses. Can
    you please reconcile this? Wouldn't it have been better to dump these
    stocks after 6 weeks and free up your capital to put it into more
    productive positions?

    If you add your current holdings that are older than 6 weeks to your
    closed trades (since the start of 2002), you have 27 trades for an
    average gain of 8.35%. Still impressive, but roughly half the return of what
    you're claiming.


    Obviously I have made a fool out of this “genius” from Elite Trader.

    Here’s another one:


    Posted by quantpatterns on 10-30-03 03:49 PM:

    Have you ever heard of William O'Neil of IBD? I think you have similar
    growth oriented investing styles, except he pays attention to
    technicals as well.

    He has like 5-8% stop-loss rule. It's just good money management. Let's
    say you are in a losing position and you keep holding it, then you are
    missing out other great growth opportunities. You cut your losses fast.
    Then redeploy those capital for the next growth story.


    I think you get the idea. PTSI was a whipping boy for the $$$MR.
    MARKET$$$ wannabees, but at the end of the day, I have proven myself
    superior to them all.

    That makes 82 consecutive profitable trades of 15% or better. I am
    HUGE! I am easily the greatest stock picker on the planet. No one can
    match this record of stock picking accuracy. No one can play golf on
    Mothers Day and live to brag about it. No one can wear different color
    socks to work and take their shoes off in the office. No one, that is,
    except the great $$$MR. MARKET$$$.

    Now then..onward. I’ll have a brand new $$$MR. MARKET$$$ winner very
    soon. Stay close to your email inbox and have a wonderful 4th of July

    $$$MR. MARKET$$$
  2. well..... afterall...

    MrMarket is HUUUUGGGEEEE$$$
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    I'm picturing this mr market guy as closely resembling kim jong il in an elvis outfit.
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    what ever happened to him anyways? i used to like reading his posts.