Mr. Market streak is over at 83 LOL

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  1. Here is notice on a few transactions in the $$$MR. MARKET$$$ portfolio
    which were executed today.

    Last week, on October 6th, the management of AACE formally closed on a
    sale of the company at a price of $30/share. That’s a 4.3% loss
    compared to my purchase price of 31.34 on March 5, 2004. Hey, you win some
    you lose some. I’m sure that management did very well on the shares
    that they have been holding for quite some time. Now they can blow it all
    in Vegas like I did. I’m very happy for them.

    So since I had the day off from work today, I decided to do a little
    more housecleaning in my portfolio and I executed the following 3 trades:

    I sold PRX at 17.79 which is a 75% loss vs. my purchase price of 72.40
    when I bought this stock back on 9/18/03. Yea…this one was ugly and
    disappointing. The revenue growth really tailed off as pharmaceuticals
    came under pressure and PRX never recovered. So..bye bye!

    I sold CBK at 29.15 which is a 1% loss compared to my purchase price of
    29.38 on October 20, 2003. However during the 3 yr holding period,
    this company paid annual dividends of around 1%, so I came out a little
    ahead on this company.

    Finally, I closed the book on BEL, selling it today at a whopping
    $0.85/share vs. my purchase price of 21.12 back January 2, 2004. Nothing
    ever went right for me on this investment and I was certainly fooled by
    BEL’s lack of execution on growing their customer base and getting the
    facilities operational that they had promised. Constant restatement of
    earnings left little credibility for management and the market took it
    outside and shot it. If you think this was a bad investment for $$$MR.
    MARKET$$$, you are correct, but it’s not even as close to the bad bet I
    made on Saturday, taking the University of Houston over Louisiana –
    Lafayette. Ouch!

    The good news with all of this housekeeping is that I have a lot of
    cash to reinvest in several open positions in my portfolio. You should
    see some brand new picks coming out regularly from $$$MR. MARKET$$$ over
    the next few months.

    With the selling of AACE, my winning streak of consecutive 15%
    profitable closed trades was snapped at 83 in a row. Not bad…but I will do
    better. The “new” $$$MR. MARKET$$$ streak started on March 11, 2004 with
    my purchase of HZO so now I’m up to 23 winners in a row. If you ever
    want to track all of my open and closed trades, you can always see them
    on my homepage:
  2. Try using a stop loss next time.

  3. Uhmmmm....Im not MM...
  4. is mr market really jim cramer?
  5. $$$MRMARKET$$$$ is Huuugggee!!

    MrMarket wherever you are I give you my finest meats and cheeses....
  6. Wharton should be proud...
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  10. with the fins playing the way they needed a good laugh!!! but don't worry, the Heat will be in action soon to make you forget all about the fins!
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