Mr Market, Mrs Central planner and Miss Psychology

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  1. Imagine a kid named Economy. Economy lives with his family, Mr. Market is his father, Mrs. Central Planner is his mother and Miss psychology is his bigger sister.

    Mr. Marked used to be a rational and responsible father, Mrs. Central planner a caring mother. Miss psychology? well she loves candy, and the things she wants, she wants now. Right now she’s hooked on these oily chocolates with gold nuts and airy house bubbles in it.

    Lately the family peace has disappeared; Miss psychology is mentally unstable and eats enormous amounts of chocolate. Mother and father are having a fight. They argue about how they should raise Economy. Mr. Market thinks his wife is overprotecting and controlling. Mrs. Central Planner thinks her husband is lazy and careless, and she is disappointed with her husband’s lack of enthusiasm in their son’s life. He’s always busy hunting or playing counterstrike she complains.

    Mrs. Central planner:
    Look what happened with our daughter psychology, all the freedom you wanted to give her destroyed her. I don’t want to do the same mistake with Economy. We need to shelter him and push him in the right direction, he just don’t know what’s best for him.

    Mr. Market:
    It’s not my fault psychology went crazy, it’s yours you overprotected her. She never got a chance to learn from her own mistakes.

    So how will Economy grow up and develop? Well maybe that’s up to the Almighty Politics, and coincidence to decide, but I feel that if I knew Mrs. Central planner better I could probably make a good guess. Does anybody know her? Is she just caring, or control obsessed and overprotecting as well?

    In the long run I am concerned though. If Mr. Market gets fed up and leave the marriage, I fear Economy will become a loser, and his friends will soon start to nickname him Fascist.
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    Mr Market you say?

    He is the BEST trader of our time. NEVER had a losing trade!

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    Imagine an economy named Gulliver and further imagine he is being swarmed by hoards of politicians from the Land of Lilliput
  4. Haha yeah that is Mr. Market, but did you know, he used to wear boxer shorts made of dollars before. Obviously they’re too small for him to wear now.. I think Mrs. Central Planner is shrinking them on purpose when she washes his clothes. She probably figures if he wears them his balls will be squeezed smaller. I could be wrong though maybe Mr. Market’s balls have just grown too big for them. Any thoughts?
  5. Exactly.
  6. Water Mrs. Central planner. Give the kid some water, can’t u see he’s thirsty?