Mr. Market Is A Great Guy!!!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Pabst, Nov 10, 2003.

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    I'm listening to as I type to a 3 CD recording of Bruce Springsteen live from a concert I attended here in Chicago in 1978. After I posted here in Chit Chat that my favorite all time show was that Boss occasion, Mr. Market, who I've never corresponded with, asked for my address so he could send me these awesome discs from that show!!! Now that's some kind of deed to bestow upon a stranger!! Show's what Springsteen and ET solidarity is about!!
    My humblest public thanks Mr. Market. I can't believe 25 years this month I was at this show!! What a gift!
  2. thank him with meats and cheeses
  3. Much like myself, Mr. Market lives in constant fear that a hunter will shoot him for his pelt.

    That is why he's as crazy as he is.
  4. pabst,

    that is cool, even though i am not sure of who springsteen is, please advise if you actually receive the discs.

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    Recieved them today. (actually they came last week but my doorman forgot to tell me I had a package). Very cool gesture by Mr. Market.

    BTW Surf, Springsteen is this guy from Jersey who plays with something called the E Street Band.:D

  6. that is most excellent of mr. market. ok, i think i know who you mean now---- "stuck in the mud, somewhere in the swamps of jersey" that line rings a bell.


  7. have you been living on mars :eek:
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    please keep us updated as to whether you get the goods. If he does this for you, I rescind everything i've said about the ape.

    I wouldn't give him my address. But I surely hope he's legit. Please keep us posted.

  9. I lived near Asbury Park for a year back in the late 70's. Very cool then. One night the boys and I are at the Stone Pony for some beers and music. Cover tunes, local band., good time. In between songs there was an unusual lull and I looked up to the stage and a guy was putting on a guitar, but had his back to us. So okay a band member was late I'm thinking and I head to the john. As I'm washing my hands the band starts again and the new singer was rockin'! Man he was good. I came out and looked on the little stage and there was the Boss, jammin' away with the locals, big smile on his face.

    A great memory.

  10. have you seen asbury park, lately ? talk about urban blight !

    it is a downright scary place now.


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