$$$Mr. Market$$$ analysis

Discussion in 'Politics' started by William Rennick, Feb 13, 2006.

  1. I believe the sudden appearence of MR. MARKET is an attempt by the Amdinistrators of the site to attract Gay Traders. Take a look at this guys pictures, I knew I had seen him before. He was the construction worker of The Village People.

    Umm Mr. Market, sir, our fellow ET member , the Hairdresser is a little shy, and wants to know if you have any pictures of you arching your back and looking over your shoulder.

    ...Rennick out
  2. I actually asked Mr. Market for help, but was very dissapointed. With his ability to bench press 385 pounds I thought he would be useful in helping me move some furniture this weekend. However, he was so greased up he kept dropping large items on his toes and broke a lamp.

  3. LOL!!