Mr. Gordon, this post is for you!

Discussion in 'Trading' started by aphexcoil, Sep 25, 2002.

  1. Currently, the ORQJB.X option is bidding at .10

    So my first posted paper-trade is currently at a loss.
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  2. Just curious, did you have any other reasons for selecting this trade besides an anticipated rally from an Iraq "Agreement"?
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  3. Yes -- their earnings were the next day and it went the wrong way.
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  4. Pabst


    I don't want to take credit for it, but since my "rant" on you a couple of weeks back, it seems your posts have become much more grounded and reflective. Because of your relatively low capital(5k) it may take you more than one more go around to "make it." But I think you possess many tools that will enable you at some point to be successful. Just take your time and enjoy the scenery. The length of the journey is irrelevant.
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  5. Pabst,

    Thank you. I'm concerned about the 5k being too little as well, but it is a bonus and I think it would be a great way to get actual experience. Whether I make money right off the bat is irrelevent to me.
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  6. You wanna real Tolkien quote you can live by in the trading world?

    Paraphrased from the original:

    "If there is a live fire-breathing dragon that lives in your neighborhood, it would be prudent to figure him into your plans."
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  7. Oh no, Aphie... I miss all your funny posts....

    Still nice.
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