Mr. Gordon, this post is for you!

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  1. aphie,

    Excellent post! Self-limiting comfort zones are the bane of trading. I'd bet the history of blown-up trading wizards is littered with traders that got comfortable, got cocky, and got fried.

    And, you are right that traders that try to overrule what the market is saying are bound for bankruptcy. The market can make "mistakes" (in the eyes of traders) with impunity. Traders cannot make "mistakes" (in the eyes of the market) and stay profitable.

    But two questions:

    1. Isn't following "the trend is your friend" mantra its own type of comfort zone?

    2. What happens when the market starts lying to you -- spinning out headfakes, whipsaws, and stop-hitting wiggles?

    Trade well when you are ready to restart trading again, my friend,
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  2. Well Max,

    I would have worded it something like----> "Buy when she gives you a "tell" she may be going up and sell when she gives you a "tell" that she might be going down"

    But I got his point and I think it is great insight for someone who has not had all that much experience with trading...

    Like I said on another post to Aphie just moments ago; The way will be found through action and not thought! It is one thing to say "don't let your ego get in the way"; but it is another thing entirely to actually suceed in such an endeavor. We will just have to wait and see with Aphie. I for one am truly eager to see this journal!

    At any rate I liked the post very much...

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  3. Max,

    Why not just stop riding the kid so much and go do your own thing :confused: Why waste your time and energy being a hater...
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  4. aphie,

    your post sounds great, and i thank you for trying to help. however, i could write a post like that too with all the nice sounding philosophy and i don't even make money. when you have a few consecutive weeks/months of profitable trading, then you'll get some credibility. in the meantime, your post is pure philosophy.

    i'm not trying to put you down, but i really have no idea why you think you can give me so much advice. i may even have more scars from the market than you do. as others have said, start trading with real money and let me know how you do. i've been trading with real money for 3 years. i've lost multiples of $10k. trading is easier said than done. it's clear you can talk the talk, but walking the walk is all that matters in this game.
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  5. 1. You can't be serious. Developing a reliable "tell" is a known, as well as elusive, key to trading. However, your brilliant aphie failed to point even that out, rather his sole point is the ubiquitous and tedious, "buy low and sell high." Furthermore, the "ego in the way" spiel also is a well known axiom.

    2. A "hater?" I've read this guy's posts, I see little other than typical bs content of restated and stale theories. I simply ask you to reveal what he's has produced that is so brilliant in this specific thread.
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  6. just do edit and check delete
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  7. Thanks GG.
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  8. aphie

    I see a great future for you ala Mark Douglas or Tharp. I can hardly wait till you start trading. I want to see what happens when theory meets fact.
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  9. Easy,

    Tues or Weds -- however long it takes for the wire to post to my account.

    I am very excited.
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  10. What happened to the last paper trade you posted?
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