Mr double to the rescue!

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  1. :p wonna get rich trading forex? that's easy ! The secret is simple,you need to double your account over and over again,in this thread i will provide you with real ,live trades with explanations behind them,i just funded my account with 8,000$ that i have intention to double in the next 12 month.The first 3 long term trades i just opened will produce around 5,000$ in the near future are: sell aud/usd 1.0436(that one will drop like a stone 1,000 pips when china gets "hardlanding" ,they said it on the radio today it already started,australia ships a lot of commodities to china,so the slow down will affect them really hard,here goes my first 1000$ in profits,number 2:sell gbp/chf 1,5083(chf has a lot of gold,gbp just printing paper) that one should drop around 2000 pips=2000$,and the last one buy usd/jpy 78,64 (this one doesn't need any explanations ,the writing is on the wall,japan in debt like there's no tomorrow,population shrinking,problems with china,earthquakes,peakoil) around 2000 pips too,all 3 trades one milot(10,000) so this is 5 grand and the leftover 3000$ should be easy to achieve by impementing my holygrail forex system. One time!
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    All aboard, all aboard, a-woah-ho
    All aboard, all aboard, a-woah-ho