MR 40.00 level

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  1. Did anyone hit that 40 level today on "MR?"

    It was almost like some trader put 500 000 shares short at 40.00 then bought it all the way up until his lot broke and watched all the day traders scramble to get out in auction mode, lol.

    crazy even dollar break. hope most of you came out alive. :)
  2. pic below
  3. i actually got wtf pwned on this today.

    lol wow so retarded, I didn't intend to take it long, so i didn't bother setting up a limit order to flip my short

    so i just marketed out then flipped. worst idea ever/not the long but marketing into lazy.

    my market order paused for about 2 seconds, and then voila.

    I got the high print of the day and hit out in the 40's, it was just disgusting. ( i mean the 40's? thats just an insane amount to let something like this slide...started lrping in the 70's and in 90's i was like, "c'mon, u couldn't move 4 cents for the past 3 hrs a min you're telling me ur gonna spike down 30 cents after i print the hi? )

    the only reason it wasn't a complete disaster was cause only 500 shares, but wow, everything about this trade was just bad. (everybody i trade with all made money off my dumbass basically selling me their shares on the spread up lol, wow...)
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    Lost $1500 on that trade...never seen a stock react like that before. Even through significant size. I was expecting it to maybe sell off to the 80s. Another very expensive lesson learned.
  5. live and happens. MR is crazy.
  6. Yeah, It was probably trading at like 50xs its previous 1 min ATR. Crazy.
  7. yeah, i mean who knew news was gonna come out right then, what timing...touche MR, touche.
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    what was the news on that bitch?
  9. I got short in front of the offer
  10. the news was "Daytraders are all long, and the buyer went missing"

    other than that I dont think there was any real news:confused:
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