New Feature "Attract Visitors" and New Ratings

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by MetaQuotes, Apr 19, 2012.

  1. Socialization of continues, and we keep upgrading the Profile. Today we've launched a new function - attracting visitors to the site. In addition to it, we've introduced a new rating. Now, you can easily find the number of users that you have attracted, in the Achievements of your Profile.

    What do you need to do to attract a new visitor to It's all easy - post a special unique link to another resource, and our website will count the number of users who follow this link. Thus you can promote your profile, articles, jobs and the Market.


    Do you like an article, a program in the Market or the possibility to order a trading robot? Recommend these materials and services at any other resource! To do this, simply click "Link to share" in the block on the left and post the generated link on a website.

    You can attract people not only to the entire Articles section, but also to the specific publication you like. A unique link is generated for each article, so you can post it on other sites. The same principle works in the Market: found a grail? - share the link of this product, not the link of the entire service.
    It's a little easier with the profile - you don't need to generate any link. Simply invite people directly to your updated page, and will counting your rating. Help us attract new people to the, make it stronger - and it will not go unnoticed. Moreover, you earn by promoting our resource: now we pay 100 credits for every 5000 units of your rating!