MQL5 Cloud Network launched

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    Today, MetaQuotes Software Corp. has launched a new service MQL5 Cloud Network. This is a cloud computing network, which connects computers of many users around the world and distributes resources among them. This network will be useful for those who need additional power for their tasks, and for those who can provide such power for a fee. For the users that provide their resources commission is equal to 10%.


    "The MQL5 Cloud Network allows traders to quickly optimize their automated trading," - said Renat Fatkhullin, CEO of MetaQuotes Software Corp. "Owners of free resources that are involved in the new service get a new source of income. Thus, the MQL5 Cloud Network builds bridges between those who need productive capacities and the owners of spare resources."

    The launch of the MQL5 Cloud Network is a logical step in the strategic program aimed at accelerating optimization. First, remote testing agents were added in the terminal, through which multi-threaded testing became possible. This allowed traders to greatly increase the speed of Expert Advisor optimization. With the launch of the MQL5 Cloud Network, they can finally forget about long hours and days spent waiting for the completion of testing. And most importantly - the processing power of the network is available not only to traders, but also to anyone who needs additional power. For example, for research involving complex calculations.

    To start working in the MQL5 Cloud Network, you only need to download and install the MetaTrader 5 Strategy Tester Agent. Optimization of complex trading robots requiring a lot of computation is no longer a problem! If you are registered on, the MQL5 Cloud Network is already available to you - just enter the "Agents" tab in your profile. You do not need to create a new account!

    In addition, all registered users will be credited with a registration bonus of $2 and $3 for each registered agent.
    We invite you all traders and interested enthusiasts to join the MQL5 Cloud Network. Install the Strategy Tester agent and start making money right now. Contributed to the solution of resource-demanding tasks!
  2. Why not calling this crap spying network. You think it's for free just like that? That whole metatrader crap is a spying game for playing kids.
  3. No wonder they need cloud network because that useless piece of crap software is f+cking slow and unreliable as hell.