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  1. i use winamp to play mp3s. when i use the media library to play files, it only finds files that have id3 tags.

    does anyone know a program or something that will scan my mp3 files folder and tell me which mp3 files do not have id3 tags? when i know which ones do not, then i can tag them so winamp recognizes them.

  2. It's been a while since I used it but RealJukebox (earlier versions) did do this. A friend of mine DSL'd me his entire collection (4 gig's) a while back and I took care of it for him. As I remember it, I think I charged him $200 and got it back to him the next day so the process was not that intense. I think it was basically a fully automated thing.

    I think Musicmatch Jukebox should be able to handle that task too. If not, find a computer nerd friend and offer him the task, a few hundred and a meal. He'll probably be glad to take it on. That way, it will be done right. Mention to him things like volume consistency, dead space clipping, etc., and he should glow with the excitement of the challenge.

    All 11,679 of my MP3's are in excellent shape and adjusted for high quality sound output. I even ripped my old album collection and removed the hisses and scratches. When friends stop over and hear stuff they haven't heard in twenty years sounding so clear they just marvel and want a copy. Especially if they know that there is no CD for it. But very rarely do I share them. Technology is a wonderful thing. :)
  3. canyonman00,

    thanks for the tips. i was able to do it with a program called MP3 Collector. it worked great. it even did a better job than i thought it would.