Mozy vs Carbonite

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    Anyone using either? Thoughts/observations?
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    mozy is excellent, dont believe the hype, just set it to auto backup right before you go to sleep and youre good, only costs 5 bucks monthly, I researched both before buying and noticed bloggers and "experts" recommending carbonyte, after digging further into the specs, I found that mozy was actualy better, carbonyte is for the sunday joe that doesnt have time to do his own research
  3. I've had Mozy since 2007. I second this. Flawless and cheap.
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    Have you had to restore any files? I've scanned over both websites, and Mozy's procedures for restoration seem rather difficult.
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    I have a problem allowing everything on my computer to be backed up on-line. I don't trust the encryption, I don't trust the backup engineers, I just don't trust my valuable data with other people I don't know.

    I just use an external USB hard drive (500 GB for around $100) or a USB flash drive (128 GB for about $100) to do my backups. You can use a software called Second Copy that does the same job as Carbonite for $30.

    If you are really paranoid, use two backup hard drives and switch them periodically. Keep the one switched out at a different location in case of fire.
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    I 've used mozy and prefer these guys:

    Little more expensive, but it also serves as an online drive / storage in addition to the backup. It can be mapped as a network drive, and can backup a running sql server.
  7. I have used Mozy for over a year without problems. However, I have never had to restore data and I share the previously mentioned concerns about my data being stored somewhere else.

    I signed up with carbonite prior to Mozy, but could never get it to work. I tried contacting carbonite multiple times but just kept getting auto-generated e-mails. There was no telephone number to call for support. Eventually, I had to have my credit card company cancel the carbonite charge, which carbonite challenged, etc.

    I even tried ordering something else on-line several months later from an unrelated company and they refused my credit card because the new company used the same credit card clearing firm as carbonite.

    It was all a big mess and, needless to say, I was very dissatisfied with carbonite.
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    Never had to restore files cant answer that but they have an 800 number on their site.
  9. great posts everybody
  10. You have to be a complete idiot to store your files on a 3rd party website. I-D-I-O-T.

    Buy a 1TB external drive at less than $100.
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