Mozillo needs to wear a striped suit.

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by stock777, May 5, 2008.

  1. Federal prosecutors are stepping up their scrutiny of players in the subprime-mortgage crisis, with a focus on Wall Street firms and mortgage lenders.

    Prosecutors in the Eastern District of New York in Brooklyn have formed a task force of federal, state and local agencies that will involve as many as 15 law-enforcement agents and investigators.

    The U.S. attorney for the office, Benton J. Campbell, who supervises about 150 prosecutors, said the group will look into potential crimes ranging from mortgage fraud by brokers to securities fraud, insider trading and accounting fraud.
  2. I predict the Moz will be behind bars before this is over.
  3. vertical, or horizontal stripes on that there suit. (ps, he already wears about the loudest pinstriped suit!)
  4. bt116


    Guy(moz) had the balls to take a holier than thou stance in congress against paulson for shorting the shit out of the crap this a-hole was slinging! meanwhile, he was selling his shares the whole way down! this guy should be locked up forever.