mozilla sells out

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  1. The Mozilla Foundation launches a for-profit subsidiary to develop Firefox and Thunderbird, and it is scrambling to assure open-source faithful that it hasn't "sold out."

    i never did like mozilla.

    the more they shout how they're not selling out, the more it means they're selling out.

    all their ideas were copied from the BEST browser (Opera). but no worries, by the time the public catches on and switches there will be new and better things.
  2. possible, but it's too early to tell what the exact motives are here, imo (although it seems possible goog may factor into this somewhere...). in any event, if they go too far, the project will just fork, that's the beauty of OSS.
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    Opera is like Borland's Quattro - much better than the competition, driving the competition's (Excel's) development, but bound for obscurity. Too many main line sites do not support Opera, but I still prefer it to IE and Foxfire.
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    Opera is the best browser I have ever used. It is so customizeable and probably the two best features for me are to stop pop up ads and the ability to magnify a page 10X. I use this last feature to look for subtle varations on charts from stockcharts. It sure makes life easy!
  5. i think that programmers should be paid for their work but only if their code is good. 90% of software is poorly written. that is why 90% of programs can be exploited. the famous security expert djb proved that properly written software can eliminate software secuirty problems. in fact some even begin to wonder if some holes aren't holes but rather backdoors. but thats another story.

    thing is, mozilla is turning back into nutscrape... err netscape.
  6. take opera's zoom feature for just one example... it zooms the entire page not just the text... WAY ahead of its competitors.

    voice command is another example that actually works.

    PS -- even Internet Explorer 7 should blow mozilla out of the water.
  7. on selling out:

    at the heart of every holier-than-thou socialist is teeth-baring-greed-filled capitalist pretending not to be.

    it's the ultimate "passive aggressive" behavior.
  8. funny story about internet explorer -- here is a clip from wikipedia:
    After unsuccessfully trying to license the Netscape Navigator browser, Microsoft turned to Spyglass and their Mosaic. In 1995, Microsoft licensed Mosaic from Spyglass as the basis of Internet Explorer 1.0, which was released as an add-on to Windows 95 in the Microsoft Plus! software package.

    if u ever wonder why IE sucked so bad it is because they got desperate when they realized they had no pants on (had no marketshare in the internet browser sector) and they had to license technology from SpyGlass... that software was originally bundled in one of those CDs containing 1,000 shareware titles. lol.
  9. I've had a good laugh while reading this thread...
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    The browser that I am using is the Netscape 8.0 for the only reason that it is able to see and "translate" all the pages in IE and mozilla. It also has the best security than any other browse out there... period. :)

    It is a bit "heavy" though...

    Happy surfing
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