Mozart, Trading

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by chasinfla, Nov 2, 2002.

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    Honestly, I thought no one would ever figure where that was from. I'm from Queens and ATCQ grew up not too far from here. Another classic group which I forgot to mention previously.
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    Midnight Marauders is classic...
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    I love classical, but as far as music and trading is concerned its all about the jazz baby!:cool:

    Mingus, Miles, Dizzy, Bird, Trane -----> thats what you need to get in harmony with her, just some good ol' jazz :D Nothing as structured as Bach, monotonous as DJ Premier, lovely as Jimi or even as jolly as Bob could ever compare!

    Just pop on 'The Hatian Fight Song' or some "Flamenco Sketches' recline in the plush Italian leather chair and watch her dance all over your 6 LCD's...
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  4. I prefer the pianists like Art Tatum, George Shearing, Bud powell, Teddy Wilson, oh - Oscar of course! - Trouble is, if I put those on I'll listen instead of work...

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    Ahhh Art and Bud are LOVELY :D

    Lose yourself in the music and you'll have no problem losing yourself in her, in the moment...
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  6. I listen to opera while trading. Great.
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  7. Instead of solving complex mathematical problem he'd better solve the economic problem :D

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