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  1. If I'm not mistaken, this is the Elite Trader site... Please check your URL. :(
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  2. lob

    As for harmony, you must be referring to chord progressions, as opposed to tone layering properly known as 'organum.' (I think I've got that right).

    no, the interesting thing about rap is that its lack of harmony puts a heavier burden on the content of the lyrics. That's what rap is all about.

    Interesting you would use the term "thought processes." here is bit of liner notes from the CD:

    Shad is big, black, hardworking, and I would trust him with my family's lives. Inspirational is the one term for his rap that I thought about using in my previous post but neglected to. It brings tears to a thoughtful person's eyes. Tears of joy, emphatic "YES!"'s, and some laughter, too.

    Shad raps about his love for his wife (Even After); the folly of 'thugism' (What's Thug?); and making it (Champion).

    As for slim.shady, all I can muster is pity.

    "noise terrorism": :D Yes, there is a battle on. And it is being fought not least with music (and the arts in general).
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  3. I just checked it, you're right, it's "elitetrader", not "meta-elitetrader". So am I wrong for posting this message here?
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  4. i think it was my pro rap thingy that he objects to.
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  5. nitro



    I know of what you speak.

    nitro :)
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  6. "What's thug? it runnin' from the po-lice with a mouth full of gold teeth?"

    Go, Shad!
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  8. skrilla


    I agree that what is currently popular on the charts is offensive and not creative at all. I also believe we all here are intelligent enough to realize that the music we all now know as rap is nothing more than a 4 minute commercial for cars, jewelry, & clothes. However what hip-hop was originally began as a culture more than music. It involves music, speech, & dancing. It is innovative that those not exposed to musical instruments can devise ways to express themselves musically. The stereotypes that we see now are not what the principles of hip hop are based on. Hip hop can be lyrically & musically creative it's just that marketing dollars are not supportive of those artists. There are some who become commercially acceptable supported by educated consumers. For example Lauryn Hill, Mos Def, The Roots, Common, Reflection Eternal have all achieved success with morally sound lyrics while also entertaining.

    Let's not genre bash and stereotype.
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  9. Te'

    Te' Guest

    Ahhh a premo laced track wit Mos or Common spittin over it...

    Or how about Kweli over Hi-tek...

    Living right outside Philly I have had the pleasure of seeing The Roots a few dozen times, wit Guru, Outkast, Erikah Baduh, Mos -- simply amazing shows!

    BTW; I like the Q-tip quote :cool:
    He threw a trip on the ace, now he's out son
    Hits the local bodega to woof down a hero
    Son is on a 'Midnight Run' like De Niro
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  10. ElCubano


    Two years ago, a friend of mine
    Asked me to say some MC rhymes
    So I said this rhyme I'm about to say
    The rhyme was Def a-then it went this way
    Took a test to become an MC
    And Orange Krush became amazed at me
    So Larry put me inside, his Cad-illac
    The chaffeur drove off and we never came back
    Dave cut the record down to the bone
    And now they got me rockin on the microphone
    And then we talkin autograph, and here's the laugh
    Champagne caviar, and bubble bath
    But see ahh, ah that's the life, ah that I lead
    And you sucker MC's is who I please
    So take that and move back catch a heart attack
    Because there's nothin in the world, that Run'll ever lack
    I cold chill at a party in a b-boy stance
    And rock on the mic and make the girls wanna dance
    Fly like a Dove, that come from up above
    I'm rockin on the mic and you can call me Run-Love

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