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  1. The brandenberg concerti are my favs too:)

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  2. Hogwood's Academy of Anceint Music - best Brandenburgs out there. Nothing beats baroque on period instruments.

    The only thing Greenspan can orchestrate is a good 2nd movement . . . of his bowels. Both he and Harvey Pitt have long overstayed their welcomes drinking from the public trough.
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  3. I think he plays clarinet. Woody Allen does, too, and since they look alike, that might be why I think that.
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  4. nitro


    Yes, I have the WAM's Requiem Mass by them...

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  5. If the whole world were full of people like you, we could still all be happy. The problem is not Beethoven and Mozart vs. Bach, unfortunately for all but the deaf the problem is rap and hip hop vs. music.
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  6. AGREED!!!! "Rap Music"...the ultimate oxymoron.....Thank God my teenage son hates it, too.....
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  7. I dread the day my daughter starts listening to that crap. That profanity-laced skull-pounding noise makes that chainsaw rock 'music' of the 80's and 90's seem tame.
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  8. Peri


    Actually, Greenspan had quite an interesting musical career before he started his economic journey. I can only hope there is someone nearly as qualified when the inevitable time comes that he is no longer available to be The Chairman of Money.
    Greenspan: The Man Behind Money, is an interesting read. I'm sure some of his decisions have caused more than a few to move their bowels at times. :p
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  9. As fitting as it is unpopular. I agree completely.

    I"m gonna hunt for that Greenspan book.

    Nitro, are you sure you didn't mean <i>Wham!</i> -- nevermind. It's a bad joke.

    O, I just bought my first rap cd...recorded by a friend (not yet famous)...actually, it's exceptional in its production and message, very creative, catchy, and thought provoking (not talking 'gangsta' here). Whether it fits the standard definition of music is debatable, though.

    Rhythm: check
    Melody: ummm, sort of.

    Rap is more like a 'tone poem' with sound effects, though the beat is more compelling.

    Anyway, crossover rap has been mainstream for a while now (pop with rap breaks).

    boom! thump thump ba BOOM boom boom bzzz bzzz BOOM!
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  10. There used to be a third characteristic of music before they started noise terrorism in the form of heavy metal and michael jackson style pop, in addition to melody and rhythm. It was called harmony.

    Of course, that was what gave music the ability to inspire deep and intricate thought processes, and we wouldn't want that to happen in today's society.
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