Mozart, Trading

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  1. (Wall Street Journal, 'Minor Memos,' pp A4, Friday, November 1, 2002).

    <font size=1>This is hilarious and yet, though I'm not a Mozart fan, I think he might be on to something.</font>
  2. I listen to Mozart, Bach or Ludwig 3 times per week :)
  3. Beethoven's classical piece in history.......great background music for thinking......
  4. Those who know know Bach is better. So is Mozart, but it's difficult to see why.
  5. Surprise surprise!

  6. I love Mozart too, but Johann is a distant 3rd behind Ludwig and Wolfgang.
  7. <b>Fed's Greenspan says in a speech, "The intense pleasure many experience from listening to Mozart's great D Minor Piano Concerto has much in common with the deep satisfaction of solving a complex mathematical problem."</b>

    Greenspan a listener? He is a conductor wannabe, and his orchestra is the Federal Reserve.

    Just look at the way he "conducts" his rate moves.

    They don't call him Maestro for nothing!!!
  8. Apparently Bach has everything, or so was I told by a chick (a college music major) whose sister I used to date. Nothing came out of that relationship, so I still remain Mozart's fan... otherwise I would probably have to defect to the other camp...

  9. Hey, I may personally prefer Beethoven and/or Mozart, but if I met a college girl that thought Bach was IT, I'd be first in line to offer her a special "Bach Rub"! :D :eek: :p
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    Mozart is all I listen to these days, although as I get older I am getting into Schuman Lieder - Jesse Norman is impressive on it...

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