Mozart Effect

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by bstay, Jun 24, 2008.

  1. bstay


    Hi all,

    I went to see a friend's coaching session and while he showed trainees how to trade, the room background was playing classical music. He told me they were Mozart's music, and good for trading mind.

    I researched internet and found the term "Mozart Effect", that is claimed to improve your intelligent. Does anyone by chance also play music in background while they trade? It would be interesting to share what kinds of music some of you "trade" with.

  2. What kind of Mozart? Symphonies? Opera? Piano sonatas? It makes a big difference.

    Personally, I think Ennio Morricone is the best for trading.
  3. "Immediate Music" for me.

    Puts me in that going to the battle mood.
  4. "Bag Holder Blues" by Darth Vader
  5. u21c3f6


    Bolero! :eek:

    Joe. :)
  6. Bag Holder Blues by Mortimer.

    Music sucks but the words are good.

    Mortimer: "Fuck him! Now, you listen to me! I want trading reopened right now. Get those brokers back in here! Turn those machines back on!"
  7. Bolero + Bo Derek?