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Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by Pavloski90, Sep 9, 2012.

  1. Hello, how are you?
    I was wondering if having my license series 7 and 63 from the USA can benefit me for anything when moving to UK and trying to find a position within a UK firm.
    I am young and I am moving to study but since I am a EU citizen I may stay in UK for good. It depends...
    I would like to have some advise from experienced traders

    Thanks and have a great day
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    Through the end of this year, the Series 7 gets you half way there. (but, not all the way there)
  3. For FSA purposes, the Series 7 etc are irrelevant, AFAIK. But then again, waters are much murkier since MiFID and it would surely depend on the firm.
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  5. Erm, using Google, you might discover that this applies to employees who "carry out certain activities for retail clients" (such as advising on packaged products, etc). Given that this is a trading forum, it's unlikely that the OP is looking to get involved in this.

    For approved persons who carry out controlled functions (such as, for example, managing investments), there's currently no mention of Series 7 as a qualification.
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    You forget, that nobody here really trades for a living, they do so for a hobby.

    If the OP worked in the US with a 7 & 63 it is unlikely he is trading for a living anyway.
  7. Sure thing, I am basing this on personal experience primarily... Are you saying, out of curiosity, that people with a US 7 & 63 are most likely to have something to do with retail? My assumption was that, like many people here, the OP is looking at a prop firm type of gig here in the UK. At any rate, I'm sure the OP will narrow it down.