Moving to the US from the UK

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  1. Just wondering if anyone could provide some information on the process required for a UK resident moving to the US i.e. is it a simple process, what specifically is required, etc?

    After spending hours searching and reading about the subject, I have realized how little real knowledge I have gained from it.

    Most websites seem to repeat what others before them have already stated. In fact, most websites regarding this are aimed primarily at illegal immigrants from Mexico.
  2. Go to Mexico first.
  3. That thought has crossed my mind, lol.
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    actually i was toying with the idea myself.
    (yes - i do realise the average american is way more intelligent and open minded than the the fascists that post on et chit chat :D)

    if i moved to nyc, is is possible to get a place in either the empire state or the chrysler buildings - are there residential apartments, or is it all commercial/business space?

    how much for a 2-3 bed pad - something nice.

    (more likely to move to miami though) id probably just spend the odd month there rather than base myself permanently there - until the neo cons move out anyway.
  5. If you want to be an US citizen makes it harder. But if you just want to live here there is an option like find a job or buying , establishing a business is another .
  6. Don't. Why don't you move to Tripoli or Dubai instead, you'll fit right in over there. We don't need eurotrash and scum like you.
  7. I am afraid you'll need to get a job and your american employer will have to apply for an H1 visa on your behalf. If you get accepted to an American college/university you may apply for a student visa. Alternatively you can marry an american. I am not sure if you being a British citizen can even participate in the diversity lottery. I am not aware of any other legal avenues but I am not a lawyer of course.
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    toying with the idea of going through Mexico illegally?

    If so, regardless of what you may believe of the average intelligence of american citizens, polls show that 80% are against ILLEGAL immigration. So, I suggest if you do curtail the proper legal channels of entering this country, you dump the cheap and worthless flatterly and don't tell anyone that you are criminally trespassing in this land. If you d, Chances are high you'll be shipped back to the strip of dirt you now call home.
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    Why would you want to come over here? I thought you hated the US. Besides, we will just beat you over the head with our bibles.:D
  10. I've been to the US many times on holiday. I also have many American friends who I meet during my time in the Royal Marines that I regularly keep in contact with. Best bunch of people I know, along with the Aussies and Canuks (sp?).

    Anyway, it's a choice between the US, Canada and Australia. This socialist cr*p is too much.

    A young single mother over here in the UK probably receives over £20k (US$37k) in benefits each year, free "quality" housing and much more.

    Wasn't long ago when I heard a young lass had bought one of these council houses at a discount of 65% for living in it for 3 years :confused:

    I left the military for two reasons, 1) I had no control over my tax and 2) the PC cr*p they're introducing. Heck, you can't even shout at new recruits now, it my hurt their feelings - what is that about :confused:

    Don't even get me started on politics :mad:
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