moving to south florida, cable or dsl?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by funky, May 7, 2003.

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    question is simple -- for those of you who live down there or know people who do, which is more reliable? Cable or DSL? Which providers? Adelphia, Comcast, Bellsouth, et al. ???

    thank you !!
  2. I'm in southern Florida.

    I have Aldephia high speed internet . I'm 100% happy with it.

    I have 2 computers. My desktop has 3 monitors and I also use a Linlsys router which connects my laptop. I have never had a problem with the internet service.
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    I live in Tampa...and use Roadrunner cable modem....No complaints here

  4. In general, you will find that Cable tends to be significantly faster unless you compare to much more expensive DSL packages.
  5. road runner's customer support is about the worst i have experienced. however, i've had few problems.

    verizon is pushing the DSL with lower prices, but their customer services has its weaknesses, too. I will say that they probably have a better network of techs because they're the phone company.

    in some areas, cable is available where DSL isn't yet (probably vice versa as well).

    they all love you as long as you send your money and they don't have to do anything else for you.
  6. You have to be more specific....Florida is a weird place and I 've heard good and bad depending on the area.....Road Runners seems to be good in Tampa ...and I Know DSL works ok in W.Palm area....But Adlephia is hit and miss......There is a new provider taking over some of their lines...Bright house ? or something like that?...anyway, Cable goes out every tiem there's a storm....which from June1st to October 1st is every day twice a day
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    more specifically, i was talking about the area in between west palm beach and ft. lauderdale.....i used to live in boynton beach a few years ago, and i might move back to that area....i had adelphia then but they were just putting it in and it slowed down considerably some times and many outages.

  8. My Brother!!!! I just moved from Boynton...sold my home there two months ago......Cable is fine in boynton...It's more stable and doesn't go out as much
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    sweet, so i take it you liked the area enough to buy a house....i'm thinking about eventually getting a place somewhere out there. from where i'm at right now (SF) everything looks great.
  10. I am in the Orlando Area. Have had great luck with Road Runner Cable Modem. No Experience with DSL in the area, but can't imagine it would be much better.
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