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Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by BhillYachtsman, Sep 10, 2006.

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  1. I just accepted an offer to trade for a private equity fund. They are allowing me to trade remotely. I am curious to see if there are any other traders from the floor or off floor, who have been proven and gone into these similar arrangements with hedge funds recently.

    The one I accepted is from a fund with an emphasis on building intraday portfolios.

    Is there anyone else out there trading in this similar manner?
  2. I've been trading for a few years under a similar arrangement.
    Its almost amazing how much of an edge you have over retail or general prop traders. Provided their methodology stays actually proprietary and is sound.

    Looks like a good program and you are going to make a good quant portfolio manager.

  3. I am interested in trading in a similar way. How much experience is required and what is the set up and costs involved.
  4. As far as expirence you should be at the minimum trading for a few years, might look good to have some institutional expirence in your background. Main thing is to be able to exhibit that in your time trading you have a real understanding of and respect for risk. As far as costs I think I've mentioned how I'm stuctured before. Also a willingness to leave your old floor habits at the door wouldn't hurt either..Knowing people..I don't know really.

  5. I have a few years experience, but what size account do they expect. As for institutional experiecne, not as a trader but have worked in the industry as an analyst.

    How much capital do they give for a person to start with and what is the process to apply. Which markets can i invet in and do they have a model approach or can i try my own methods. What is the salary or fee structure.
  6. I deleted the posts because they are off topic, and will continue to do so. This thread is obviously about the guy trading under some sort of private equity/hedge fund relationship. There is more out there in trading than just regular chop or prop shop. How naive to think so. I'm once again drawing a line, all posts below it need to be on topic.
  7. Asset trader I don't think hei s selling anything, this is more of a discussion of these types of arrangements. I rememeber there was a fund called quadriga or aquilafund maybe not, but something similar in New York that tried the same kind of arrangement with certain traders.
  8. One


    Chaos or Bhill,

    After reading the brief description on line, I'm not sure I understand the difference between this arrangement and a prop shop that offer off site trading, e.g., both demand a contribution of capital. Can you explain why they are different? Thanks.
  9. How is this "fund" different from the Exhos, and Bright's IMHO,-nothing.The moment trader has to write a check to cover his losses you are in a prop shops ala Bright model. Not that there is anything wrong with it. Mere obfuscation.
  10. I don't want to sit here and argue this all night, but at least these comments are more on topic. I love how traders expect to get everything for nothing. I don't want to start a buyside101 discussion, but I will point out a few things.

    You don't start at the top in the institutional world. You have buyside or sell side experience, if your lucky or skilled enough to get a shot at managing any private equity, most funds require the manager have a certain amount of their networth, just about everything excluding house tied to the fund. So is the fund now a prop shop because of it? Is it so wrong to allocated capital to tie allocated capital to performance. I don't know you make that decision.

    Personally it looks like a boutique quant fund giving some people a chance they would not normally have to show some performance using their approach. I personally if I was them would not spend the time. Going into crazy derivative investments like individual traders, or other alternative investments just gets the funds in trouble. A fund should stick with what they know.
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