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  1. hi all!
    i'm 28 and i'm graduate in politics&economics sciences at university of padua here in italy. i've been self employed trader for almost 9 years, so i already know quite a few stories about financial markets. now i'm seeking a job as analyst or trader. unfortunately the italian financial firms are too small and the bank system is still not ready to hire. so i'm thinking about moving to NYC. i would like to attend to an english class for 2 months on june and july, seeking a job in the meanwhile. what is your opinion? as an italian guy could i obtain a visa easily? is the summer a good choice or would it better on september/october? apart from italian and english i speak spanish as well.
    thanks in advance for your help!
  2. Why move to NYC?.....Why not move to London?

    As an Italian national you won't require a visa or permit to live / work in London.

    If you want to learn English, why not learn it in the country itself?

    Your job prospects would be much better in London, especially because Italian (I presume) is your mother tongue.

    Many financial institutions in London are looking to hire Italian speakers who can speak with their clients based in Italy.

    On top of all that......London is a great cosmopolitan City
  3. you're right but ... i don't really like london:( it's very expensive and i don't know london as i know NYC, so i could find a lot of troubles (starting from the apartment research). moreover, so far i've found more job opportunities in NYC than in london.
    thanks a lot for your comments.
  4. i've forgot to state more precisely that what i'm looking for is a job in the financial markets, so if i'll get it in london i'll be glad to move there, but i don't want to try to live london if not already employed.
  5. NYC can be as expensive. to be brutally honest with a european degree you dont have much chance at getting hired at an IB bank. Prop/daytrading firms will take you with open arms, but then again if thats what you are looking for, doing it remotely might be a better idea at first.
  6. Why wouldn't they take a European Degree?? Aside from the prestige of Oxford and Cambridge, some of the best math and science comes out of European universities (as well as India).

  7. London is a dump! Everyone living in the US/Canada thinks the UK is great, but man, once you get there, see the price of stuff and the crummy climate...

    Edit - well, OK maybe not everyone - but a lot of people that I meet.
  8. NY is equally as expensive now in my opinion. Plus its ultra competitive, London is a bit more civilised. if you can get a nice salary in London at a bank i would try that route first. New York trading firms will typically offer zero, thats right zero salary on the basis that they say they are training you. So just know what you are getting in for thats all.
  9. i was talking about univ of padua.
    if it was insead, lbs, oxford or cambridge, or even bocconi then its another story
  10. NY is where some of the best in their respective fields come to practice their professional trades. Hence, you will be up against the equivalent of your professors and their respective professors.

    NY is no joke, and expensive to boot. Should you choose to relocate here, realize that your skills will not be the only job hiring factor. You might want to "cut your teeth" elsewheres first or just continue your present 9yr career where you're at. Just a thought.
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