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Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by Xtreme, Sep 13, 2005.

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    Another idea is to move to a NYC suburb, such as Stamford, which houses UBS' trading floor - which, I believe, may be the biggest trading platform in the world. So, I would guess there is excellent telecommunications from Stamford!
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  2. Ahem - no offense but a young single guy choosing between Stamford and Manhattan?? - NOOOO contest. You dont want to be commuting to the burbs after a date I dont think:)
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  3. Bear in mind that if you live inside the city and are a significant trader, you will be paying a huge amount of taxes to the state AND the city. you will probably be giving up 11% to the state and 4-6% to the city. you might as well live in Florida, Nevada, New Hampshire or Alaska. It's equal to an 11% return on your money.

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  4. i don't think he will mine cause down here in aussie its 30% company rate or 48% high end income rate, US taxes are a dream to us.
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  5. yeah, i'm not counting federal (national) taxes. my point is that it's possible for his tax bill by 11 percentage points.
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    I have already got accounts set up in NY with brokers that are taxed here in Australia. The best way is to set up an international business corporation in a tax friendly place and open all your accounts under that corporation and fill out the IRS W-9BEN forms delegating that place where the corporation was in incorporated as the place as where the tax will be paid.

    I know our Australian taxes are really high.
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    Has anyone entered the US on a Business Visa for more than 90 days?

    I'm thinking this is the best visa to apply for.

    Liam O...
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    How long is a tourist visa?
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    As an Australian citizen, I can visit the US as a tourist or business for up to 90 days with no application or need for a visa, but if I want to stay longer than that I have to apply for a visa. A business visa and a tourist visa from what I understand are virtually the same.
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  10. If you enter the US on a travel visa, make sure that when you enter you tell them that you're there on a holiday. Otherwise they may confuse trading with working and send you back.

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