Moving to Monterey Bay Area: Any Tips?

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  1. I will be relocating to the Monterey Bay Area (CA) in the next couple of months. I plan to rent ~2 BR house 2,000-2,300/mo range.

    Any suggestions as far best areas to live in? Basically, I want peace and quiet so that I could concentrate on trading.

    Right now I'm trading full time and don't hold other jobs.
  2. Start your search in Pacific Grove. It is a quiet area just a stone's throw from the beach/oceanside.
  3. Pacific Grove looks very nice. but what about tourists in the summer? i imagine it gets crowded so close to the beach.

    i looking into Monterey and Santa Cruz vicinities but can't figure out how much i should live away from the beach not to deal with tourists.
  4. Get yourself some nice warm clothes, because you are going to be freezing your keester off.:D
  5. ouch!

    same deal further inland (~10-20 miles)?
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    Monterey/Carmel/Big Sur IMO is one of the most beautiful places on earth. It has so many things to offer. The gorgeous view, the perfect weather, the food and Ferrari /Jag dealership. I dream of retiring to. Congrats. You have arrived sooner instead of later if you are moving there.

    Now, $2K / month rental for 2 bdrm house will be hard to find unless you are talking about more inland. Carmel Valley has nice houses that might be worth looking at. Wherever you are you are a short 15 min drive to the shoreline (incomparable Monterey Bay) and the wharf and the downtown area that has art culture events going on all the time. Or if you prefer, go to Carmel and eat in a sidewalk or patio cafe and enjoy the art scene. Don't forget to sample the calamari on the wharf. One of the restaurants there has set the golden standard, the best calamari i have ever had, harvest locally from the pacific. The Paciific has the best calamarie, fleshy without being chewy, nothing like the tiny squids from East Coast that try to pass off as the real thing.

    Now, back to business. One thing you want to consider if you trade full time. I don't know what you trade or how you trade. But if you are scalping level II bids the internet distance from exchange or ECN to monterey may slow down executions and you may have a disadvantage. Internet gurus please voice in.
  7. heheh, can't afford to retire. i will move there for 2-3 years due to family situation and flexibility of being a trader. i really would like to check the area out to know if maybe i would like to move there more permanently at some further time in the future.

    right now i am not dependent on super low latency while trading.

  8. You're going to have a really tough time finding a 2 bed house for 2K. For that matter, you're going to have a tough time finding a 2 bed condo for that price as well.

    If that's a price range that you're stuck on, you may have to consider moving to a more remote area on Monterray, a bit further inland.

    I'm in palo alto, and my wife and I frequently head to Monterray for weekends.
  9. i see many houses in this price range. in Pacific Grove, as suggested above, the prices are quite low compared several other areas. there actually a lot under 2K houses listed on craigslist:

    Sep 8 - $1800 / 3br - PACIFIC GROVE HOME FOR RENT - (1323 FUNSTON ST.)

    Sep 8 - $1895 / 2br - Nice Two Bedroom, Great Location - (Pacific Grove / Monterey)

    Sep 6 - $2200 / 3br - Plus office and 2 bath Fireplace Garage - (Hannon) pic

    Sep 5 - $1850 / 2br - Furnished House - (Pacific Grove)

    Sep 4 - $2300 / 3br - 2 Bath Home in Pacific Grove - (Pacific Grove) pic

    Sep 4 - $1800 / 2br - 606 Acorn Court - (Pacific Grove) img

    Sep 3 - $2000 / 3br - 3 bedroom 1 1/2 bath house - (Pacific Grove) pic

    Sep 3 - $1995 / 2br - Pacific Grove Clean Condo in Forested Setting - (801 Brentwood Court, Pacific Grove, CA) pic

    Sep 3 - $1900 / 2br - Furnished - (Monterey Ca.)

    Sep 3 - $1850 / 3br - Welcome Home! This is a great 3 bedroom House. - (807 Workman- Pacific Grove)

    Sep 2 - $1925 / 2br - Washer/Dryer provided, close to beach, most dogs OK - (Pacific Grove) pic img
  10. Tourists really only come on the weekends, and more heavily during the summer months. (Monterey is outright frigid, and wet, during winter. Beautiful, but frigid and wet nonetheless.) Trading from an office, or home office, you will be oblivious to the tourist traffic. Anyway, as a resident, I just stayed away from scenic spots on the weekends - most every weekday is very pleasant.

    Btw, I lived on the Presidio before the base was closed off to public traffic. Some of the best real estate on the Penn. And a hell of a run down to Asilomar Beach, around to cannery row, and then back UUUUUP. (To say it is a steep hill is a gross understatement.)

    I'm still shopping for my vacation home on 17-mile drive ... Now if only the ES would cooperate!
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