Moving to Florida - Boca Raton Or Miami/South Beach or ???

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  1. ETs,

    I want to move to Florida - for quality of life reasons: better weather ( I need SUNSHINE!!!), water sports, lower cost of living, e.t.c. I'm considering Boca Raton and Miami Beach. Any suggestions? Any tips? Any Ideas from ETs who trade from there? How do both cities Boca Raton and Miami compare to each other? Any other recommended cities in Florida or elsewhere (within or outside of the U.S.) for a young trader looking for good quality of life?

    Many Thanks.

  2. Sounds like you need to visit....they are vastly different....comparing boca to Miami (and Miami beach) is like comparing Long island to Manhattan.....boca is more pristine, more "white bread" quieter, less crowded, and very "American", Miami Beach is more hectic, crowded, multinational, multilingual, hip, etc. I live on Miami Beach and love it....always something crazy going on....great beaches and recreation both places.....Boca might be a little cheaper now......Generic, Bright, Shoney, etc. have offices in both places.....
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    Its all fun and games til labor day....then we get invaded.....
  4. Thank's Guys!

    So would you say Miami Beach is better for a younger single person than Boca?

    How come Boca is cheaper if it's more pristine?

    WHere would say there is more recreation /opportunities for fun - Boca Raton or Miami Beach?

    Thansk again.
  5. Well...aren't urban areas more expensive generally? It is really a personal preference...some like blondes....some reds...some brunettes....personally I like em all! Seriously you have to come down and look around......Ft. Lauderdale is in the middle...both physically and in extremes...maybe you'll like that....maybe you'll hate everything! I like action so I like Miami beach...I find Boca "nice" like a "nice girl".......its ok but a bit boring for me.....but might like it......on the other hand I know alot of young people who find it tooo multicultural in miami !
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    I don't live in the States but I've been travelling to the States for the last 15 years, mostly to the south Florida area and I have a lot of friends living there. Let me tell you that there are some "differences" in cost of living and living style as well. Miami beach is where all the action is, if you look for social life, party, beach, fancy lifestyle is the place to go. But is expensive house wise talking. Miami is a very crowed city, heavy traffic a little dirty ( sad) lately. Ft Lauderdale is nice quiter than miami ofcourse housing is affordable and there are very nice places going east towards the beach, intercostal area, Las olas,etc. North Miami is a congestioned area but it has very nice places to live and gooffing around, Aventura is a cool area, williams Island is an area of "selective" neighborhoods all those surrounded by canals and pretty close to the beach.
    Boca is a peaceful place. There's a lot of retirement fellows heading there escaping from the Miami and Lauderdale growing disorder. Housing is affordable and the party zones and shopping places are growing.
    Is kind of hard to take a decition South Florida is a really nice area to live , for fun and party. Canals , beach, gulfing fields , beatiful ladies . You bet.

    Good Luck
  7. For some reason, this thread was started twice with the same title. The following posts were from the other thread which is now closed. Unfortunately I wasn't able to just move the posts here so I just copied and pasted.

    From Lindq:

    "I spent 5 years in Boca and Delray Beach as a single guy. A great time. Boca and Miami are completely different scenes. Miami is extremely diverse ethnically. Very latin and crowded. Majority population is Cuban. Boca is majority Norheast retirees. Very polished and upscale. Also now becoming crowded. You might want to check out Delray Beach, just north of Boca. A bit more laid back and mixed population and ages, but still within driving distance of Miami, Orlando, Vero, Stuart, etc. Fantastic watersports in all those areas. The only drawback to the area is lack of professional opportunities in general, if you don't continue trading. But if you are able to be independent, it is a good scene provided you don't tire of the winter crowds and summer humidity. No place in the country is perfect anymore, everything has drawbacks. But in general, it is one of the best areas. I suggest you start by renting a condo or apartment in Boca or Delray, and go from there. "

    From JMS2828:

    "look at New Smyrna Beach too, if you dont need an office to go to (you are trading from home)"
  8. CPTrader -

    We have an office in Ft. Lauderdale if you'd like to have an office visit send me an email or pm. From the guys I've talked to at that office they like the Ft. Lauderdale area.

    I've not visited that office yet I am going to try to "time" my visit to around December to take advantage of my "bad" weather time and their "better' weather time..:D

    rttrader -
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    May be you should consider Las Vegas which has more recreation /opportunities for fun unless you are a beach/boating person.
  10. Besides whores (and I don't mean you Don Bright) and gambling what recreational activities does Vegas have that South Florida doesn't. Oh yea, in Vegas you can climb some dry, barren, scrub brush hill. The climate sucks compared to Florida. Too cold in the winter, too hot in the summer and you guy's are going to run out of drinking water any month now. Vegas is a big trailer park dressed up in neon.
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