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  1. I've heard parking is very expensive downtown and scarce unless you get the firm to pay for it.

    Doesn't it suck when you have to wait for trains in the cold during the brutal winter?
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  2. Well, yes there is truth in that. I have tried to park for free way back then but that is hard. I remember the train was a much better option and I just left my car at home. Millions of people do the same.....then again later I paid $25 a day for parking in SF too and taking the Bart there was also an option. To each it's own.....fact is I would never live in a very large city now. No way, no how..
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  3. Yeah, my brother had one for a few years. Those units on Lincoln are nice looking, but poorly constructed. The upside is the proximity to Stanley's restaurant. =)
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  4. razf1


    I live in Lincoln Park near the zoo and you can definitely get a 3br condo for around 750 in my area. There are about 3-4 big condo complexes that I looked into and all of them have 3 br's between 700-800k.

    As for northshore, I grew up there and I can tell you no way you can get a house up there anywhere near that price unless its small or needs serious repairs. Granted you get solid elementary schools & NewTrier.

    Plus, in lincoln park you have option to send your kid to Latin, Francis Parker or even Lincoln elementary which ranks as a pretty good public school.

    Pvt me if you have more questions.
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  5. Lincoln Park is great if you don't have to worry about kids and school. For good schools you need to go anywhere north of Evanston along the lakeshore. I have no idea how much houses cost there now. I moved out more than 20 years ago. It depends on how much value you place on your kids' education.

    Transportation is decent from the north. I used to drive to Evanston, park my car, and take the EL to downtown.
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    That's interesting you say that. I live in Chicago now. what makes you say this? Are you talking more from a standpoint of affordable living per bang for your buck? I can see how this might be. Owning a condo in Tribeca I'd imagine would be 3 times what it might be to own on Lasalle/Wells or nearby. What else...Any other commentary or thoughts on the matter?
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  7. Your old home has probably tripled.........
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  8. I lived btwn LaSalle and Wells for 7 years. Love the neighborhood. I lived in Tribeca for a year back in the early 90's. Hated it. None of the NYC neighborhoods have that neighborhood feel. Plus, you're in the epicenter of listed derivatives in Chicago. I would look for RE in Old-Town; Mohawk, N of North Ave.

    Feel free to PM for advice, suggestions.

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  9. Too funny. I'm also a Chicagoan who lived in Manhattan in the early 90's. Our impressions differ, probably because I lived on the Upper East Side. Very mellow and very neighborly. Keep in mind that Tribeca's Chicago equivalent would be west Randolph or that Fulton scene. Nothing quaint about converted meat packing facilities and warehouse districts....

    That being said, for the money Chicago is a great city. Perhaps the best. However the notion of crappy weather from mid-October through Memorial Day is much less than desirable.
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  10. Overlooking your Citadel comments, welcome back sing-trader. Do you have a distaste for all hedge fund managers? Now that I think of it, I remember you making a comment about the Ritchie's place in Geneva too.

    Back on topic, I live in the loop but my suggestion for a family with young kids would be the area along Halstead south of webster and north of north ave. That specific area of lincoln park is attracting Chicago's deep pockets...Pritzker $ to mention one notable name.

    That's a buy and hold neighborhood when you have people like that building/living there. Decent restaurants, trendy retail shops and an el stop al within walking distance if you're looking to go that route.

    FYI, there's a nice place off of Halstead that's been on the market for over a year for somewhere around a $ never hurts to ask! The house is on the first street west of Halstead and one block south of webster.

    Two neighborhood recommendations for breakfast:

    John's Place - Good Hummus and Webster Street omelette
    Toast - Damn good breakfast/Heads-up on Jill (manager), she's a hard-ass and enjoys throwing bitchy customers out!


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