Moving to Chicago

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  1. I've lived in Chicago, London, NYC [Tribeca], LA, Seattle... Chi all the way.
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  2. LP is where it's at. Lakeview and Wicker Park are nice as well. 3-story townhomes on Eugenie at LaSalle are $800k and you're across the street from the park.
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  3. "clean, schools, relatively green"
    You just eliminated the enitre city, especially for schools. Many nice suburban areas though that will meet all your requirements.
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  4. The woman are really overweight and lame..,people drink way too much...the weather is pretty brutal most of year, hot in summer . very cold winters, spring is non existent...
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  5. Nordic


    Maybe you should quit drinking and fu#$ing fat dumb drunk chicks.

    Also Summer = Hot & Winter = Cold

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  6. On balance, with a family and school aged kids you'd be better further north in a SFH in west Lakeview or even Ravenswood, Lincoln Square or Andersonville. Riskarb and me have discussed this fact: LP is depressing if you're a married or committed guy. WAY too many hot babes. LP trades at a premium and it sounds like you can't use the , er....amenities, if you get my drift. 750k is a decent budget in Chicago. No it's not going to get you the brownstone on Astor or a 3000 sq ft pied a' terre on LSD but it will get you SOLID second tier stuff.
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  7. Riskarb, Those townhomes surrounding Eugenie Terrace have always been a tremendous value. You lived on the next block, eh?

    I also like the newer stuff on Lincoln between Armitage and Dickens.
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  8. Care to elaborate why Chi is the best? :D
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  9. Is it true no one can afford to drive to work downtown in Chi from the burbs unless you are pretty high up in the food chain?
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  10. What? I drive 1 hour in CA and gas cost a lot more here in CA than in Chi town
    There are commuting options in Chicago from the Burbs like trains that are reasonable compared to NYC. I used have a house in Downers Grove and took the train to downtown - I remember it used to cost me $80/month pass - very reasonable compared to any major city in the USA. The problem in Chicago is the politics and the blight of the city, way too many old rotten poor areas and the city pretty much sucks like most US cities, schools are crap, expensive and only caters to yuppies who like to fornicate and get drunk but when they get older the city is a major black hole - no racial slur intended. It sucks for the long haul. The only nice city in the USA is Seattle of that size (well much smaller but a major metro area nevertheless.
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