Moving the market?

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  1. Hi everyone

    I'm writing an article about the basics of investing.
    I want to fill a page (flood it in fact) with many, many factors, that may influence stock prices.

    From Federal Funds Rate to moon phases, please tell me some factors that MAY influence stock prices.

    Please be generous, yet serious when answering.

  2. Assuming by "stock price" you mean the last price traded for that particular stock, the only things that influence stock prices are trades. Traders can have any reason, or no reason, to make a trade. So if you are looking for motivations behind the trades that people place, just think up some irrational fear-based illogic. Chances are it will be the basis for someone's trading system.

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    The number one fundamental factor that affects stock prices is earnings.
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    Supply & demand[stock market like other markets];
    How To Make Money in Stocks, by William O Neill

  5. When I dump my shares at the end of a trade all at once, it moves the stock 12 cents, does that count? :D