Moving Price - market versus limit orders

Discussion in 'Trading' started by fearless9, Jul 12, 2007.

  1. I read in a thread the other day a poster stating that only market orders move price, limit orders cannot do this.

    This is an interesting subject and worthy of expansion by those who know and understand how price moves.
    ( I am no expert)

  2. Pity that nobody has responded to this question.
    It is the heart of trading in my opinion.

    "what makes the price move"
  3. Limit orders don't take liquidity - they provide it. Market orders do take liquidity. For example, if there is an aggressive buyer, you see print for the whole offer size, and then the bid price steps up to the offer price (plus tick bid).

    There are cases when the buyer hits the whole size on the offer and the price doesn't move, but size just get refreshed. On NYSE it means there is reserved specialist/floor broker liquidity and someone has size to sell.
  4. This is an excellent question. While I'm no expert it has been my observation and experience that the big moves seem to be driven by large market orders that take out supply. This in turn prompts others to do the same creating a feeding frenzy. Finally the stops from those that were taken out kick in and the market orders get what they were looking for--running the stops.