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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by RXIS, Aug 19, 2005.

  1. RXIS


    Does anyone know if I can easily install the modem and disc drive from a Dell Dimension L800r into a Dell Dimension 9100?

    Would it be possible to use the old hard drive as a second drive for the new computer also?
  2. Ebo


    What would you use a modem for?
    Any post Windows 95 machine has an internal modem already.

    You might sell it on eBay for $.75
  3. yes it should work if the modem has xp drivers available. the rest should be no problem.
  4. Move the parts one at a time. In other words, install one part, boot up, get it working and then shut down to install the next part. Doing it in any other way will be a puzzle if things go wrong (they often do).
  5. RXIS


    i put in the floppy disk drive from my old dell today. I had to ghetto rig it to stay in place. I guess the ugly face isn't too noticable since it is on the bottom of Dell's flex space thing.

    I have an 80 gig serial ATA hard drive in the Dell. I bought a Seagate 200gb IDE 7200rpm 8 mb cache hard drive for $60. The problem is I don't have any IDE plug-ins available.

    My list of options are:

    1. IDE to SATA converter
    If I do this I'd have to somehow install it into the desktop in the "Flex" area. I may have to take out the floppy drive.
    I'm not sure if I can even get it to fit properly. $30

    2. PCI EIDE controller card
    PCI card that will allow 2 IDE ports $30
    I plan on adding additional LCD screens within a few months. I'm not sure how taking up a PCI slot will cause additional problems.

    3. Return or sell the Seagate 200gb IDE 7200 8mb hard drive and buy an SATA drive when I can get a good deal on one.
    I hear the prices fluctuate a lot.
    I'm currently looking at a Maxtor DiamondMax 10 - 250GB Serial ATA 7200RPM 16MB Buffer Hard Drive for $107.
    I'll be doing research on the quality differences.

    BTW, I'm still not feelnig confident about the first two options because the reviews I've read are both + and - on reliability.

    Which option would you choose or what would you do different?
  6. get a new cable select hard drive cable with dual plugins.
  7. What else are you running off your IDE ports? You should have 2 ports with 2 connectors each. That's 4 IDE devices on one machine. Are you sure you need all that?
  8. RXIS


    I have two cd drives that are connected to my only IDE port. After typing up the post I think I've determined that the first two options are a real pain. Reliablility is uncertain and the total costs are only a little different. I'm buying another hard drive.

    EDIT: actually I just realized I looked over vhehn's post. I'm looking into the new cable.
  9. RXIS


    I don't think there is a cable that I can use to hook up SATA and IDE to one SATA port.
  10. you should be able to hook up 2 ide hard drives to 1 cable.
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