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  1. As I understand a lot of countries don't have tax on capital gains

    In canada I have to pay more than 40% of my income

    can anybody recommend some nice place with zero capital gain tax and easy immigration?
  2. You still young enough to learn a foreign language?
  3. Panama,

    Top quality internet speed,
    Nice weather during the dry season,
    Low cost of living,
    And the women are strikingly beautiful.

    The city is a little polluted due to the out of controlled growth in condo construction.

    Beach towns are plentiful just 45-60mins outside of the city.

    Nice place. do 6 months here in the winter and 6 in Europe (Andora) and you'll be living tax free.
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    Belguim, Andorra, Monaco, Gibralter, Dubai
  5. Forget about Belgium, you will pay taxes.
  6. Is it easy to immigrate to all those places?

    I'm not millionaire although this year I paid six figure tax.
    So it's quite painful but I'm not sure i'm rich enough to move to Monaco
  7. Buy a condo for 200k and you'll get a preferential residency visa for Panama.

    Or just visit for 3mos and jet off to Costa Rica for a weekend and come back to renew your visitor visa.
  8. My wife's researching destinations outside the US to move to (with me of course). Mostly she's focusing on real estate prices, though. Out of the blue recently she suggested Canada (!). That's exactly the wrong way for a Yank to go. The US is a tax haven compared with Canada. (Plus too freakin' cold)

    It's complicated. There's taxes, language, culture, economic/political stability issues to worry about.
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    Uk is tax free for non-domiciles who only bring capital into the country. No one has ever been refused non-domicile status. Belguim does not have a capital gains tax. UK property speculators live there and commute on eurostar.
  10. Yeah, but what hoops does one have to jump through to get this status and maintain it?
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